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Important Scanner Programming Information/Software Information: 


Uniden: For BCD436HP, BCD536HP, SDS100, and SDS200 Scanners


- Sentinel Software for these scanners will only work on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. 

  • Sentinel Software will work on Mac (Apple) computers if they use Parallels Desktop Software paired with Windows operating system. Will not work stand alone on the Mac iOS system, needs Windows OS. 


Based on user testing, the software works on the following systems: 


  •     Windows XP

  •     Windows Vista

  •     Windows 7 (16 and 32-bit)

  •     Windows 8

  •     Windows 10



Whistler Scanners: All Models


- Before programming your scanner to listen to any P25 Phase II systems, you must update the scanners updated CPU and DSP first before programming your system or frequencies into the scanner, it will not do it right out of the box. 

- To do this, Plug your Scanner via USB to Computer (wait for it to read and show up on your computer), then under the Ez-Scan Software, Check for all updates and let the software run to checks on your current versions of software of your scanner, Ez-Scan, and also the database library for frequencies or systems (if you do not have the system already manually programmed.), once check is completed, click ok to run the update and do not remove your scanner's USB from the computer until all updates are completed. 

- Once the update is complete, then you may run copy data to the scanner process to add a system to your micro-SD card for the scanner. (You can also use a Mirco-SD card adapter to run data transfer as well, but make sure your scanner is off before removing it.)


- Please click here to view information on how to program a multi-site trunked radio system on Whistler Ez-Scan Software.



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