Compatible Scanners in Hawai'i, Colorado, Utah, & Nevada

Scanner support for FDMA (For other agencies operating under Analog/Conventional System)

The following scanners can only decode P25 Phase I, but not Phase II

Note: * Does not cover or will not properly track the 700 MHz band.


Phase 2 

Scanner Support for TDMA 

The following scanners can decode P25 Phase I, Phase II, and Motorola X2-TDMA systems.



*Requires a paid upgrade from the Whistler Group

**Whistler Scanners Firmware/DSP does need to be updated prior to programming. Will not work correctly out of the box. 




You can purchase them on Amazon and eBay are one of the popular places in hobbyist consistently used to find some great deals. 


You can also purchase them from the following companies that provide also programming after purchasing a scanner: 

Question, Where Can I purchase one?