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Earthquake Assessment and Information Update for April 13th, 2019

Please follow this post as we will be updating this main post for updates on damaged or closures as a result of this earthquake.

10:45 pm Saturday Evening: Power has been restored to the isolated areas and pockets around Hawaii Island. No serious or major damage was reported as a result of this earthquake.

Crews will continue to assess tomorrow morning other public facilities. Highway crews have cleared majority of the small rockfalls and landslides on State Highways and all roads are open.

No injuries have been reported as a result of the earthquake. New Did You Feel It (DFYI) reports on the USGS website indicates that the earthquake was felt as far as away as West Oahu to minor shaking.

Power Outage Update for 7:30 pm: All customers in Waikoloa Village without power have since been restored and majority of businesses in Waikoloa Highlands Shopping Complex have also reopened.

On a side note, for those without power: Dustin Poirier winner by decision over Max Holloway in UFC 236.

Update at 7:15 pm: KTA Waikoloa Village has reopened but is only taking cash only transactions no Credit or Debit Cards at this time.

Business Closures as of 6:45 pm Saturday Evening: KTA Waikoloa Village and Texaco Waikoloa Village is closed due to no power. No ETA when they'll reopen. Other businesses in the Waikoloa Highlands shopping complex also closed due to no power.

Earthquake Information Update at 6:30 pm: USGS has since updated the magnitude to 5.3 from 5.2. This earthquake was not strong enough to generate a tsunami and occurred at a shallow depth and far inland. Epicenter is located just mauka of Cupcake Hill in Pu'uwa'awa'a Ranch in North Kona near Pu'uanhulu.

Reports from residences across Hawaii Island report moderate to strong shaking was felt at all elevations. Some reports from Maui County also reported minor to moderate shaking as well.

After shocks of 1.5 to 3.5 in magnitude have occurred and expected to continue through the night.

Road Closures and Damage Reports as of 7:50 pm Saturday Evening:

- Rocks have since been moved off the shoulder. Queen Kaahumanu Highway near the 80-mile marker in Kiholo reports of a small to moderate rocks along the shoulder of the highway. Traffic is moving, but asking motorist to drive with caution.

- Roadway has since been cleared as of 5:40 pm Saturday Afternoon. The Hawaii Police Department (HPD) reports Highway 19 a single lane closure between 68 and 69-mile marker in Kawaihae near Mauna Kea and Hapuna Beach Resorts due to a large boulder in the roadway as a result of the earthquake.

- HPD reports small rocks and boulder fell along Napo'opo'o Road from Highway 11 to Kealakekua Bay. Road is open but motorist ask to drive with caution.

- HPD also reports multiple rocks and boulders along the shoulder of Highway 11 between Miloli'i and Honaunau. No Road Closures. Drive with caution. Highway crews have been notified. Majority were small to moderate in size.

- HPD reports multiple rocks and boulders along the shoulder Highway 190 (between Waimea to Kona). No closures, but drive with caution. Majority were small to moderate in size.

Power Outages as of 6:30 pm Saturday Evening:

- Waikoloa Village: ~3,300 customers without power in Waikoloa Village. Widespread Outage has been reported in the entire village. Troubleshooters en-route to the area to begin restoration.

- Kailua-Kona: As of 6:20 pm, majority of customers in Kailua-Kona have since been restored. However, sporadic pockets are being reported. Outages in individual areas around Kailua-Kona have been reported and HELCO has been notified and troubleshooters are en-route to begin restoration or repairs.

Damage Reports:

- West Hawaii Residents reports of damage was broken glass/ceramic vases, as well as glass windows and doors. No extensive damage has been reported.


- Minor Landslides occurred in along the cliffs on the north side of Kealakekua Bay. No Injuries or damaged reported. HFD Chopper 2 is currently conducting an aerial survey of the area.

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