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Earthquake Information Statement for July 8th, 2021

No Tsunami Threat to the Island of Hawaii following a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the region of Markleville, California Thursday afternoon (July 8th).

Published by: HIRSC - Weather Team

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reports a magnitude 6.0 (initially a 5.9, later upgraded to a 6.2, and later downgraded to a 6.0) earthquake occurred approximately 21 miles Southeast of Markleville, California at 12:49 pm Thursday afternoon (July 8th) at a depth of 7.0 kilometers.

Based on all extensive assessments completed by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) and the United States Tsunami Warning Center (USTWC) for the State of Hawai'i, there is NO TSUNAMI THREAT TO THE ISLAND AND STATE OF HAWAI'I, AGAIN NO TSUNAMI THREAT.

This earthquake was too far inland to trigger a local or Pacific-wide Tsunami.

According to numerous residents in the Northern and Central California regions have reported Light to Strong shaking, while to a lesser extent in Southern Nevada reported weak shaking. USGS officials say there will be some minor aftershocks following this earthquake.

This will be the only statement for this event unless further data is received.

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