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Hawaii Island Air Quality Update for December 22nd, 2020

Here is the daily Hawaii Island Air Quality Report for Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020.

The HIRSC - Weather Team has adjusted their reports from twice a day to once a day to help reduce clutter but also get better readings and observations for the day. All reports will be published at 12:00 pm daily.

Emissions from Halema'uma'u Crater visible on GOES-17 Imagery for Hawai'i

Published by: HIRSC - Weather Team

Aloha HIRSC Followers,

Here is the Daily Air Quality Index (AQI) report for Hawaii Island at 12:30 pm Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020, and a weather observation report below from the HIRSC - Hawaii Island Team.

**Please note, some major adjustments to the reports from twice to once a day to help reduce clutter and also get a better reading of weather and AQI indexes from our Personal Weather Stations and also from Department of Health (DOH) - SO2 Meters. All readings will be taken at 12:00 pm daily.

***All Observations have been added to the graph report to help with reading purposes.

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