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Hawaii Island Information Update for August 18th, 2020

Three (3) new Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) ambulances begin to hit the streets around Hawaii Island.

New Kailua Medic - Photos courtesy of HIRSC Founder Benjamin Agdeppa

(For use of photos, please contact Ben directly, Mahalo - HIRSC Admin Team)

Published By: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Holualoa) Team


Three (3) new ambulances for the Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) at the Braun Northwest Inc. plant in Chehalis, Washington have been delivered and are now in service at fire stations around Hawaii Island.

These 3 HFD ambulances (medics) have replaced older/heavily used medics previously in service at the Waimea, Paradise Park, and Kailua Fire Stations and all 3 medic units are now online/in service. The current online Medics will be used as reserves once the new medics come online.

Here are some specifications on the medics in production:

  • Type I Ambulance - 147" Module

  • Mounted on 2019 (2) & 2020 (1) Ford F350 4x4 Diesel Chassis

  • Whelen LED Emergency Lighting

  • Whelen Howler Siren

  • Dual Air Conditioning System w/ external mounted condenser unit

  • Enhanced Security Features

  • Enhanced Safety Systems have been installed such as EKG Mount and Digital Narcotics Lockbox.

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