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Hawaii Island Information Update for February 2nd, 2020

New Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) Brush Truck currently in production at Burton's Fire, Inc. (Rosenbauer Dealer) plant in Lyons, South Dakota.

Delivery is anticipated in late 2020 or early 2021

Brush Truck Specs Drawing (Courtesy of Burton's Fire, Inc.)

Out of Lyons, South Dakota: Burton's Fire, Inc. (Rosenbauer dealer) made the following announcement (via Facebook page):

Hawaii County Fire Department purchases a Rosenbauer Brush engine. Ford 4X4 chassis with a 6" lift, super single, 300 Gallon UPF water tank along with Rowe CAFS system. Buckstop front bumper & grill Akron Firefox front bumper monitor and a Warn Winch.

Members from HFD recently attended a pre-manufacturing meeting/plant visit in early January and the production of the brush truck unit proceeded shortly after. This Brush Truck (Type 6 Engine) is expected to be completed and delivered by or around late 2020/early 2021 and be in service in early 2021, following operations training from Rosenbauer.

HFD has not yet disclosed where this unit will be stationed once delivered and online (We will update you once that information becomes available).

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