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Hawaii Island Information Update for March 18th, 2020

Eighteen (18) Hawaii Police Department Recruits receive recognition at the 91st Recruit Class Ceremony

HPD 91st Police Recruit Class

Hawaiʻi Police Department Office of the Chief Chief Paul Ferreira Phone: (808) 961-2244

The Hawaiʻi Police Department’s 91st Recruit Class Recognition Ceremony was held on Friday (March 13) before a group of family and friends in Hilo.

Eighteen (18) police recruits, who just completed six months of intensive training, will undergo four months of on-the-job field training with veteran police officers before they are qualified to work alone.

During the ceremony friends or family members pinned the new police badges on each police recruit.

Members of the graduating class included; Class President Curry McFadden, Kyle Murray, Chelsey Santos, Noah Serrao, Dorian Travers, Bradley Waiki, Calvin Furtado, Alysa Gamache, Christopher L. Hasegawa, Rodney N. Kekaualua Jr., Blane K. Kenolio. Meredeth L. Matsushima, Robert Bright, Rebecca P. Carruthers, Chezvis Carveiro, Eli Dominic M. Cayetano, Edward Costa, and Byron Freitas Jr.

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