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Hawaii Island Information Update for May 15th, 2019

A former police officer turned himself in at the Hilo Police Department for a Warrant of Arrest: Chadwick Fukui

Hawai‘i Police Department Administrative Services Division Alan Richmond Media Liaison Phone: (808) 961-8875 Report No. C19-06561 

On (May 15, 2019), at 9:44 a.m., 67-year-old Chadwick Fukui of Hilo, a former police officer with the Hawai‘i Police Department, turned himself in at the Hilo Police Station for a Warrant of Arrest following his Grand Jury Indictment on Monday, (May 13). He was charged with:





After being processed, Fukui was released after posting bail.

Relation to this story:

Prosecutors have also issued warrants for the same charges for following people:

- Brian Miller (Former Hawaii Police Department Detective)

- Lance Yamada

- Stacey Yamada

- David Colon

- Ivar Kaluhikaua

This is in relation to an investigation started back in 2017 after drug evidence recovered back in 2014 being stored at the Hilo Evidence Facility was being separated for training and discrepancy of weight from when it was first recovered was found. Where initially a sworn employee was under investigation in relation to the incident and put on administrative leave without pay. That subsequently lead to an audit of all physical evidence from that employee which also found other discrepancy in drug evidence for several separate investigations.

Back in March 2018, Hawaii County Prosecutors had referred the case to the State's Attorney General who later handed to Honolulu Prosecutors Office for further investigation due to conflict of interest at the time, of which Hawaii County Prosecutors could not go into details due the ongoing investigation, but has said the conflict of interest has been resolved. Then in October 2018, Honolulu prosecutors found no probable cause supporting charge of Securing Proceeds in the Offense or any other crimes at that time.

On May 14th, 2019, Hawaii County Prosecutors had received more information on the case in December and began reviewing the information, which ultimately lead to indictments of 6 individuals.

This is an ongoing story and will provide more information as it becomes available and as the case develops.

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