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Hawaii Island Pulsepoint Update for October 27th, 2019

As of 8:00 am Sunday Morning (October 27th), Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) is now participating and online with Pulsepoint network.

As many of our followers are aware, the HIRSC team was mentioning the phone app Pulsepoint and Pulsepoint AED, which has been proven to be life-saving in many municipalities across the United States is now officially online for Hawaii Island.

HFD is the second agency in the state of Hawai'i to activate Pulsepoint and Pulsepoint AED app with their dispatch network. The City and County of Honolulu EMS (HEMS) was the first agency to activate the program with support from the Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. Pulsepoint program developers back in 2016 mentioned the push and move to activate it on the island of Hawaii to help improve cardiac arrest survivability rates, but also public assistance when it comes to cardiac arrests in Hawaii County.

Here is one of Hawai'i's success stories with Pulsepoint: After receiving a PulsePoint CPR-needed alert, off-duty Honolulu firefighter and former ocean safety lifeguard Josh Moroles grabs nearby AED and helps save the life of cardiac arrest victim Alf Schneider. - Click Here to view the news story.

While we know many of our community members will be downloading the app to follow the activity happening around Hawaii Island, we highly suggest individuals who do download the app, to get trained in Hands-Only CPR or CPR and First Aid to help make our island safer.

Users who do have the Pulsepoint app, please note you will only receive CPR-Needed Emergencies if you are within 1/8 mile of the actual cardiac arrest emergency.

Here's a video of how an alert will sound on your phone and will display on the app.

With the addition of the Pulsepoint app activation on Hawaii Island, the HIRSC team will continue to monitor scanners on the things happening around Hawaii Island. This will also aid us in many ways that follow along with the new changes coming in December 2019.

To learn more about Pulsepoint and its mission, click here to view more information.

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