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Hawaii Island Scanner Product Updates

For all digital scanner users on Hawaii Island, there have been some changes and additions to systems on Hawaii Island and the HIRSC team is offering to help digital scanner owners.

Aloha all digital scanner users,

There have been some additions and changes made to systems on Hawaii Island and the HIRSC team on Hawaii Island is offering to help those in need of updating their scanners. Owners needing assistance, please contact us via our Facebook page or click here to use our contact us form to make arrangements for the HIRSC team to update your scanner.

Please remember, when making decisions on a digital scanner, they must be able to decode P25 Phase 2 systems, as that's the system that Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) and Hawaii Police Department (HPD) run on. Old analog scanners such as Radioshack PRO-2052, Whistler WS1040 and 1060, Uniden Homepatrol (HP) 1, BCD75XT, 996XT, and BCD346XT are only Phase 1 capable and will not work with the current radio system that HFD and HPD run on.

For more information on Phase 2 scanners, please click here to view the compatible list.

For Uniden Scanner owners: There was a recent software update released back in October and should help to solve a few issues some owners were experiencing, especially with SDS100 and SDS200 scanners.

For Whistler Scanner owners (This also includes Radioshack PRO-668 and PSR-800 scanners): There were a recent CPU and DSP software updates released back in June 2019 and should help with decoding the Hawaii Island systems. Also, the HIRSC team has also a unique programming setup that maximizes the Whistler scanner and also helps resolves issues with Whistler scanner users who were encountering a trunked radio system and missing radio traffic.

Again, if you need assistance with either your scanner, help deciding what scanner to buy, or just general questions, please feel to reach us on any one of our media platforms and we will be happy to assist you in any way.

Mahalo (Thank you) to everyone for your continued support over the last 2 years, we truly could not do it without you folks.

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