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Hawaii Island Weather Blog for January 25th, 2021

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

HIRSC Team is continuing to monitor weather events on Hawaii Island and will post updates on this weather event. (Please monitor this post for any new updates, which will be made hourly).

Published by: HIRSC - Weather and Hawaii Island Team

The HIRSC Team on Hawaii Island including our Weather Team is continuing to monitor weather events around Hawaii Island and will be updating this blog post about any significant weather events that do come up. Updates will be made on an hourly basis (depending on the circumstances).


Update as of 8:00 am Monday morning:

8:01 am - HPD Puna Patrol Officers conducting checks in the Puna District for weather and reporting runoff and heavy ponding happening on rural roadways in the Hawaiian Acres and Fern Acres subdivision. Some roadways are not passable.

8:10 am - HPD Ka'ū Patrol reports water crossing Ka'alaiki Road (Cane Haul Road) above Na'alehu town and gulches flowing moderately around the district. Areas of concern are Kawa Flats on Highway 11.

8:16 am - HPD Hamakua Patrol reporting fallen tree near the bottom of Laupāhoehoe Point Road near the one-lane bridge, the roadway is passable, requesting for DPW to respond to clear the scene.

8:17 am - Moderate showers been reported around the North Hilo district with a major of the horseshoe gulches and major rivers flowing very moderately. Brown water noticeable in the surrounding ocean near the mouth of each river and gulch along the North Hilo Coast. No significant rainfall in Kalopa to Honoka'a at this moment. Streams and Gulches not flowing.

8:20 am - Maunakea Rangers reports snowfall continues to happen at the summit of Maunakea and Maunakea Access Road (John A. Burns Way) will remain closed through at least Tuesday afternoon.

8:21 am - Mauna Loa Observatory Staff reports light snowfall happening at the 11,135-foot elevation and a light dusting of snow around the observatory noted. More snow still falling.

8:22 am - West Hawaii Team reports quiet on their side of the island, no major weather events to report in the West Hawaii districts, area of concerns is North Kohala Valleys of Pololu to Waipio Valley. Pololu Valley has been the scene of 3 rescues in the last 3 weeks.

8:29 am - HPD North Hilo Patrol report low hanging tree branches near Laupāhoehoe Point Park reported, not creating a hazard to traffic, DPW and PNR requested to help clear them before becoming one.

8:40 am - HPD Puna Patrol reports numerous areas of heavy runoff all-throughout the Hawaiian Acres subdivision. DPW and Hawaiian Acres Association notified to assist with posting road closure signs. Also report received of a vehicle stuck in a heavy runoff in the Hawaiian Acres subdivision (Details very limited).

8:44 am - HPD Puna Patrol Officer reported a tree down on Ainapua Street between Aloha Court and Paradise Court.

8:46 am - HIRSC - Hawaii Island reports a significant power surge occurred and has activated numerous alarms at HIRSC Hub with the computer and scanner, still online, all systems working fine. Some area fire alarms were tripped due to the surge.

8:52 am - HFD and HPD received a report of power lines arcing/smoking in Aloha Estates, unknown at this time if there are any outages.


9:24 am - HFD and HPD responded to a report of a single-vehicle rollover collision on Highway 250 (Kohala Mountain Road) in the area of the 9-mile marker in South Kohala. one person seriously injured and transported to the North Hawaii Community Hospital.

9:30 am - Water started to cross and pond on Highway 11 (Mamalahoa Highway) at Kawa Flats in Ka’ū. Advising road closure may be necessary if it continues to rise.


10:30 am - HPD and HDOT officially closed Highway 11 between the 58 to 62-mile markers in Ka’ū due to heavy ponding/flooding on the highway by Kawa Flats. A message will be pushed out to subscribers ASAP. No alternate routes, as Ka’alaiki Road (Cane Haul Road), is also flooded/water crossing the road as well.


12:18 pm - HFD and HPD responded to a report of a two-vehicle collision on Highway 11 (Kanoelehua Avenue) at the intersection of East Palai Street in the Hilo Bound lanes.


1:54 pm - HFD and HPD responding to a report of a fallen tree onto power lines fronting Na'alehu Elementary School on Highway 11. A tree took out the transmission line to residences in the area, with no other outages to report, isolated outage to just that residence.


2:00 pm - Snowfall Update for Maunakea and Mauna Loa, Snow near the Mauna Loa Observatory has begun to melt, however, noticeable patches still surround the area and more fog and rain incoming. Not worth driving up to the 11,135-foot elevation on Mauna Loa.

Maunakea continues to receive decent amounts of snow, accumulations last reported was up to 2-1/4 inches of snow since yesterday. Maunakea Access Road (John A. Burns Way) remains closed to the public beyond Maunakea Visitor Information Station at Hale Pohaku. Conditions at the summit described as blizzard-like weather. A blanket of snow visible on the webcams.

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