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Hilo Information Update for June 18th, 2020

Noxious odor leads to the temporary closure of the Hilo Airport Post Office Thursday morning (June 18th).

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Hilo) Team

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with the Hawaii Police Department (HPD), State of Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) - Airports Division and United States Post Office (USPS) officials responded to report of a noxious odor at the Hilo Airport Post Office Thursday morning (June 18th).

The initial call came in 7:39 am Thursday morning and HFD crews from the Waiakea and Kaumana (Hazardous Material Response Team) Fire Stations along with Battalion 1, HPD officers from the South Hilo Patrol, HDOT Airport Fire Crews from Hilo International Airport, and USPS officials responded to the scene Hilo Airport Post Office.

Upon the arrival of emergency crews, reports came in from USPS officials reporting a strong noxious odor was coming from within the Hilo Airport Post Office and USPS workers in the post office at the time were evacuating the building and awaiting the arrival of emergency crews.

Once emergency crews arrived at the scene, HFD Haz-Mat personnel immediately began a search of the building to find the source of the odor. Officials later found the source of the odor within the post office, however, did not disclose the origin of the odor.

USPS officials temporarily closed the Hilo Airport Post Office, while HFD Haz-Mat Teams were on scene investigating the source of the noxious odor. USPS officials say that more information will be released at a later time and investigation is underway.

We will provide an update as more information becomes available.

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