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HIRSC Chicken Skin Stories

In the spirit of Halloween, which is quickly approaching, the HIRSC Team will be sharing their personal chicken skin stories and experiences they had on Hawaii Island. Many of these stories were never told publicly until now. We will share one story every week until Halloween.

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Holualoa) and Administration Team

This week's story is about Highway 190 (Mamalahoa Highway aka "Top Road") in West Hawaii and the encounters and experience a couple of our team members had while traveling on Highway 190.


Many of us travel on Highway 190 (or Mamalahoa Highway aka Top Road) between Waimea and Kailua-Kona. While it can be a beautiful drive to take depending on the weather and time, it's also been known to be a haunted roadway as well. Anyways most of these stories about encounters/experience we had, happened only while driving on Highway 190 at night.

These experiences happened back in 2017 and most recently as late 2019 and early 2020.

So one night at about 9:30 pm in mid-December 2017, I was driving back from Waimea and decide to take the “Top Road” back home to Kona. Anyways, I was just passing the 16-mile marker coming up to the curve before the 17-mile marker. As I made that turn, I heard the sound of loud tire screeching and then a crash at the end, my first instinct was that there was a bad accident up ahead and be prepared to call 911. As I was driving down the curve and towards the 17-mile marker, I kept scanning both sides of the roadway to see if a vehicle went off the roadway, however, did not see anything from the 17-mile marker all the way to Pu’uanahulu. So continued on my drive back home. After I got home, I laid in bed just thinking what the living hell was that heard. I listened to my scanner as well to see anyone reported an accident, however, heard none. I didn’t really think much about it after that night.

About a month later after that first incident in early January 2018, I drove on the “Top Road” again at night at about 9:15 pm and approaching the curve above the 17-mile marker. I did think about what I heard that night and turned off my radio in my car to listen for anything unusual again. As I made the turn down the curve, I see this person in bright white clothes walking along the Waimea Bound lane shoulder. As I was passing him, I took one good look at the person, and all see the person’s eyes glowing green in color and made no eye contact with me and just kept looking forward. After seeing that, I literally hit the gas pedal and just booked it straight the hell home. After I got home and went to bed, I had the worse nightmare and all I saw that person walking along the road.

For a very long time, I did not tell anyone about these encounters/experiences I had on Highway 190, until one day when I told a friend of mines, who at the time was a Police Officer and worked in the South Kohala and Kona districts for a few years prior to leaving for the mainland for a new job. So I told him about encounters/experiences I had and he asked me this one question: “Did that person have glowing eyes and dressed in all white?”

At that very moment, I got really mean chicken skin and then he told me about the history of that exact area on the “Top Road”. For many years, the area between the 14 (now the new junction of Highway 200 or Saddle Road/Daniel K. Inouye Hwy) to 19-mile markers (just outside of Pu’uanahulu) on Highway 190 has seen the many fatal collisions since the 1950’s, some of which based on research I did, was very horrific in nature. The number of accidents he recounted was so much that I couldn’t count on my two hands. That section of the roadway has the nickname of “The Grey Stretch”. He says they had reports of motorists swerving to avoid an individual walking close to the roadway in the same area I saw that person that night in 2017. They also received reports of a possible collision, sound of a vehicle rolling down the embankment, motorists hearing a loud crash, and tires screeching in the area of the 17-mile marker. They would also find nothing as well. Still to this day, it's unknown if that person in white is related to a collision that occurred in the past.

He continued to tell me about other stories about Highway 190 and also shared a few personal experiences he had also while driving on the "Top Road". Some of the stories he shared have a relation to recent encounters in late 2019 and early 2020.

The most recent encounters and experiences while traveling on Highway 190 at night happened in late 2019 and early 2020. One night in late December 2019 at about 9:30 at night, driving on Highway 190 and just passing the Daniel K. Inouye Highway junction (Highway 200 Junction), enjoying the starry night sky and cool air with the windows rolled down, coming up to the 18-mile marker, looked into the pasture of Pu'uanahulu Ranch and in the trees I saw what appeared to be a girl dressed in all white swinging inside the forest of Ohia trees in the distance on the makai (ocean) side of the highway. As I got past the 18-mile marker, she had disappeared from sight. After she disappeared, suddenly this loud scream of a girl went off in the air and I immediately began looking around on the road and off the shoulder for anyone hurt, however, no one to be found and continued back home.

Then again on a night of mid-January 2020, I once again drove back home on Highway 190 and it was roughly about 10:45 at night, with the windows rolled down, and was approaching the 15-mile marker coming up to the hill just south of the 15-mile marker, I looked out into the mauka (mountain) pasture of Pu'uanahulu Ranch, I see a large group of children playing "Ring Around a Rosie" in the distance and also hear the sound of little children laughing and singing. Then suddenly, as I got to the 16-mile marker, I see the children now skipping throughout the fountain grass about 20 feet above the highway and disappear in a ditch about 1/4-mile below the 16-mile marker. After they disappeared, about 5 minutes later, about the 19-mile marker, I heard the sound of a vehicle rolling over with children screaming and yelling inside of the vehicle. I looked all around again saw nothing insight and with only me on the road and sound of crickets being heard for miles. After I got home that night, the morning after I immediately called my friend, who told me the stories of Highway 190, I told him about my most recent experiences on Highway 190, he told me he had similar experiences, seen the children playing in the pasture and sound of the children inside of a car involved in a rollover collision, and also seen the lady in white swinging inside the forest of Ohia trees and then a loud scream.

Both of us had really bad chicken skin after hearing each other's stories and the correlation between both of our stories is the timeframe between 9:00 to 11:00 pm on a quiet and cool night in December and January.

I am, to this day, still researching the many accidents that occurred on Highway 190 and any relations to the experience and encounters I had. Only a handful of people reported having similar encounters and experiences.

Still to this day, I still hear those sounds, however, I never did see the person walking along the shoulder, children playing in the pasture, and the girl swinging in the forest of Ohia trees.

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