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HIRSC Chicken Skin Stories

In the spirit of Halloween, which is quickly approaching, the HIRSC Team will be sharing their personal chicken skin stories and experiences they had on Hawaii Island. Many of these stories were never told publicly until now. We will share one story every week until Halloween.

This week story about the Old Kona Lagoon Hotel.

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Holualoa) and Administration Team

This week's story is about the location of the Old Kona Lagoon Hotel in Keauhou and the encounter our HIRSC Administrator had at a younger age.


So this story takes us to the old Kona Lagoon Hotel (closed and torn down) in Keauhou. Growing up, the hotel had closed years before I began playing tennis down at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort (also now closed and torn down), so after our usual tennis activities for the day, we would go down by the tide pools in front of the old hotel and also hang out by the beach in front as well.

On one day during our tennis summer camp, the group I was apart of had to walk through the property of the Old Kona Lagoon Hotel and we were walking in the area of the convention/meeting hall were originally to the shoreline/beach about a few minutes away.

As we were walking to the beach, I hear something like a little girl's voice say: "Psst, come here and play with me." and I looked towards the convention hall doors and see dress of a little girl in the distance flash pass us, and my friends also in the group heard it too and our chaperone was like "What are you guys looking at?" and we were like there is a little girl over here.

He was like "No one is here let's get to the beach", so we began to walk to the beach, all of sudden, we hear the bushes start moving and hear the little girl laughing but can't see her at all and our chaperone was like "Stop fooling around" and we were like no one isn't, he began looking around by the bushes. Suddenly got more creepy, as the little girl (I am describing her as a local hapa looking girl in an old Hawaiian print dress) had come out from the bushes and tugged on our chaperone's shirt and said "Uncle, Can I come play with you guys?"

He got so scared and literally grabbed us all by the arms and booked it like no tomorrow and we were all like WTLF just happened. We were so scared and couldn't even tell the others about what we just saw and went on with our day like nothing happened.

For years, I thought about that story from time to time and then about late 2018, I began to read about the history of the grounds and also any stories that came up in newspapers. Reading an old article at the library from West Hawaii Today dated August 21, 1986, came up with a Girl killed by 8-foot tiki at Kona Lagoon.

I began to read the details of the article and saw the age of the girl and was like WTF, that was the little girl that was calling us and that tugged on our chaperone that day asking if she could come play with us. I got chicken skin really fast and literally printed a copy of that article and took it home and called my friend who there that day told him, he literally dropped the phone and could hear him just say WTF multiple times and finally said how did you find out and sent him a copy of the article and he realized that it was cousin he didn't meet that his parents told him that passed away at Kona Lagoon in an accident. We were like, she came to meet me and wanted to play with us since she didn't get to meet a cousin that was born after her.

This I got to say was one of the most chicken stories I got to say I told only a handful of people until today.

Other stories I heard from the site of the Old Kona Lagoon Hotel was the power and water use to go offline frequently during the time the resort was open. Also heard stories of warriors marching the grounds of the hotel at night. Luckily I didn't witness any of those.

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