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HIRSC Chicken Skin Stories

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Continuing in the spirit of Halloween, which is fast approaching, the HIRSC Team will be sharing their personal chicken skin stories and experiences they had on Hawaii Island. Many of these stories were never told publicly until now. We will share one story every week until Halloween.

This week's story takes us to Historic Kailua Village - Hulihe'e Palace.

Published by: HIRSC - Administration Team


This week's story is about the experience and encounters our HIRSC Moderator had in Historic Kailua Village near Hulihe'e Palace.

Hulihe'e Palace and Grounds

One October night, I would say it was like a couple of weeks before Halloween about a quite a few years back. Anyways, walking along Ali'i Drive from King Kamehameha Hotel after an event and walking with a few friends back to their cars, as we were walking by Hulihe'e Palace, we heard a lady chanting in Hawaiian really loudly to our perspectives and it was towards the ocean. At first, we looked around the grounds from Ali'i Drive and didn't see anyone on the property, as we got closer to the entrance of the Palace, the chanting was loud and sounded as if it was coming from the ocean side of the palace grounds near the pond. Again, we looked around the palace grounds and saw nothing around the grounds of the palace.

As we were walking by the gift shop, we heard that same voice and this time the lady's voice was shouting in Hawaiian, in a panic, as if she was looking for something. At the time, one of my friends of Hawaiian descent called out the females voice in Hawaiian. After answer to the voice, he heard a response back, which was also in Hawaiian. The female's voice started to come closer towards us. As I walked back towards the entrance of Hulihe'e Palace, I saw on the Ka'u lawn of the palace, a lady dressed white pacing the lawn back and forth in a panic.

After seeing that unfold in front of me, I called my friends to them to come over to my spot and see for themselves. As they approached my spot along the wall, they seen her still pacing the lawn and my friend did one more response to her in Hawaiian. After his second response to her, she stopped and turned her head and faced us directly. What really scared me was her eyes, which I'll describe as translucent (glowing, similar to cat's eyes).

When she faced us, I literally ran away from there and went straight to my car. My friends followed suit and booked as well, what really scared us more as we ran away, the bushes around the gift shop shook and the branches of the monkeypod tree above the palace began to shake as well. We didn't look back after that point, after getting back to our cars, we drove around up Hualalai Road and never went back to see what happened.

After that night, I did a little research online and found out other people have reported seeing that same lady in white walking back and forth along the oceanside lawn, the story is that same lady (unknown who she is) is looking for her son who went missing in the area, which that same little Hawaiian boy is known to haunt the grounds of the Hulihe'e Palace. It's unknown if that correlation between the two is correct, but most people who have known seen them, have said they'll see the little Hawaiian boy first then the lady in white at night.

Later, I asked my friend what he had said to that lady in Hawaiian and he said he was asking the lady if she was alright and does she need help with something. He also said the lady was chanting out a prayer to help to find her boy and wishing for the best and to pray for a safe and healthy return.

After learning that, I understood why she looked at us and was probably thinking that we were here to help her look for him. That night truly freaked me out and gives me chicken skin every time I walk past there at night.

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