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HIRSC Chicken Skin Stories

Continuing in the spirit of Halloween, which is fast approaching, the HIRSC Team will be sharing their personal chicken skin stories and experiences they had on Hawaii Island. Many of these stories were never told publicly until now. We will share one story every week until Halloween.

This week's story takes us to Old Kohala Girls School.

Published by: HIRSC - Administration Team

This week's story is about the experience and encounters our HIRSC Moderator's relatives in Old Kohala Girls School in North Kohala.

Old Kohala Girls School

Here's the story from the old Kohala Girls School I heard from relatives. I want to give a little history and insight into the Kohala Girls School property. Before the school, the land held the first courthouse and judge's house. Then in 1874, the Kohala Girls School was founded by Elias and Ellen Bond. It went on to teach girls until 1955. During that period, the school encountered many epidemics such as typhoid fever and other illnesses from 1878 to 1886, which caused significant reductions in enrollment. The school had briefly closed and later reopened in 1887 under the Hawaiian Evangelical Association which grew the school and added buildings and suffered a fire in 1894 and was remodeled. It was a very high standards school for girls and it was very selective due to the standards. Then in 1955, they finally closed the school for good. In which, it has only been opened up for private functions and events. The school was recently renovated and Kohala Institute has since preserved the history of the homestead and the school to this day.

So now come to the stories from my relatives, this first story takes us back to the mid-1970s, my relatives went to an event on the grounds of the Kohala Girls School. As they were cleaning up and prepping to leave after closing everything up once all guests they left, it was about 11:00 pm at night when they wrapped everything up, they began to hear girls talking and playing in the yard fronting the girl's school building. They looked around and found nothing after walking around the building and scanning the yard a few times. They continued to closed things up and began hearing a girl screaming and slamming of a paddle being whacked against something. They ran all around the property, again saw nothing inside or outside the grounds. After getting spooked, they grabbed everything and ran for their cars, and floored it down the road.

The second story happened in the 1980s, relatives again were there for a private event and went on until midnight. After all, the guests had left for the night and they were again cleaning things up with help of some of our family friends. Suddenly, they began to hear the sound of like boots walking back and forth on wood with something scratching against the wall. Relatives looked around the buildings and grounds and nothing visible. Continuing with the final items, they began to hear the sound of a lady talking in Hawaiian to what sounded like a lesson being taught.

One of my relatives began searching the property one last time before calling it a night and then, one of our family friends pointed to a window on the second floor and said: "There is a lady in white stay staring at us in the window." Relatives looked up and saw what looked like a lady in a dress from the late 1800s in pure white with glaring eyes. The lady in white continued to walk to the next window and disappeared suddenly walking away from the window.

After the lady disappeared from the view of the window, suddenly, a gust of cool air blew through the grounds, then a front door of an old school building suddenly swung open and in the main room behind the door, what do they see, they see the lady in white standing in the room and looking straight towards them. After looking straight at them, the lady began to start walking towards and relatives not taking a chance with this, they grabbed their belongings and booked off the property again to never come back to it again.

Ever since those events had unfolded, my relatives including our family friends have never gone back to the grounds of the old girl's school ever again.

For me, personally, I've never encountered the girl's school nor do I want to explore it further after hearing those stories. I did further research about haunted stories from the grounds of the old girl's school, I later learned that many others have encountered the same events during the late evening hours.

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