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HIRSC Chicken Skin Stories

Since Halloween is right around the corner, which is fast approaching, the HIRSC Team will be sharing their personal chicken skin stories and experiences they had on Hawaii Island or just an interesting experience that would give chicken skin. Many of these stories were never told publicly until now. We will share more stories this week, leading to a very spooky Halloween finale.

Since we accidentally skipped last week, we thought we share multiple stores this week and this first story is about a personal experience our HIRSC Founder had in dreams.

Published by: HIRSC - Administration Team

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we share multiple stories this week (and we also skipped last week by accident, due to a bunch of other events and things happening behind the scene) and coming to a very spooky finale coming on Saturday, October 31st.

Anyways, this week's first story is about a personal experience our HIRSC Founder had in a couple of dreams, while they may not sound spooky, it's comforting, heart-warming, and also a chicken soup for the soul stories.


So little over 10 years ago, when my grandmother passed away. I went to bed on the night of her passing and had the most unusual dream, knowing that she just had passed away earlier that day, this dream was so vivid, it was like she was still here with us today. At the beginning of this dream, I went down to my grandmother's house and farm in Honaunau and I sat down at the dinner table, together we were making a dish for dinner, and showing me the recipe and how to cook it properly. After finishing dinner, she then took me out into the farm and showed me around, and named every plant she had out there and the location of every single plant.

There was so much, that I had a hard time trying to keep up with her as she was moving quickly throughout the farm. After taking me through the farm, we then drove down the road and she took me to St. Benedict's Church, which was about 5 minutes down the road from her house. After getting out of her car, she began telling me the history of the area and also showed me where my uncles and aunts, who passed away before I was born, were in the graveyard and told me how they passed away and age.

After finishing in the front of the church grounds, we walked further to the back of the church to the other part of the graveyard and she told me everyone by name who was here and walked further up and reach my grandfather's grave and I saw a man was waiting for us up there, I was at first trying to figure out who it was and realized it was my grandfather. He hugged me and said this to me: "You're going to be okay and you will always be kept safe by us and others that surround you."

After hugging me, I then saw my grandfather holding my grandmother's hand and later tells me "We are now together again and forever will be together in heavenly peace." As I hugged them for the last time in my dream, I suddenly woke up and realized it's was 7:00 am the next day. Never thought much of it that morning, I got ready for work and continued on with my normal life.

What I took away from that dream was to not worry about them, as they'll always be with us in our hearts, but to take care of ourselves and live life to its fullest.


The second dream I had was back on New Year's Day of 2018. Going to bed on New Years Day, I was happy that the new year is here and can start off fresh and do things right for the year.

Anyways, going to sleep that night I had a dream of going on a ride-along with a good friend, who is a police officer for the San Diego Police Department, and was going on a shift with her through the northern part of San Diego city (which includes the La Jolla and Pacific Beach). It was a quiet night and she showed me all the different sites throughout the city and different areas as well and the kind of things I would enjoy seeing if I were to visit there again.

She took me to this great restaurant to grab something to eat while on her break and told me what her favorite item on the menu was and what I had to try. Knowing me, I paid for it and told her it was my way of saying thank you for everything you do and also my treat.

So after grabbing a bite to eat, we went on a few calls and got to see the other side of San Diego and how dangerous it really is. So after responding to those calls and nearing the end of her shift that evening, she drove out to the cliff overlook at Point Loma, just outside of San Diego to just enjoy the view of city lights and skyline.

Stood there and enjoyed the view, then I heard her say "I'm going to really miss this view and place." I was like "Say what, how are you going to miss this view." then she says "I'm in heaven now with my uncle and cousin and I'll be watching over you, my family, and the rest of my close friends. I will always protect you day by day no matter where you are. I'll be your guardian angel."

I was still in a lot of confusion, then she hugs me, began crying, and says "Tell everyone I love them and will always be in your hearts." After we hugged each other and say "Thank you for everything and you'll always be here with us." After I said that, we decided to just sit there and enjoy the view of the San Diego City Skyline.

I woke up from that dream and didn't think much of it at first for a few days. Then about a week after having that dream, I got a phone call from her family and they told me to sit down, I could tell by the tone of their voice, the news did not sound good.

Her family told me on the early morning hours of New Year's Day, she passed away. After hearing the news, I was in a lot of shock and told her family I would call them back in a little bit. After about an hour or so, I called them back, told them about the dream had that same night, which from what I later found out was around the same time she passed away. After her family heard my story, they were happy to hear that she always with us and that she is at peace.

For me, It was a good dream as I got to say thank you to a good friend for everything, such as the memories and also her service, one last time.

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