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HIRSC Chicken Skin Stories

Happy Halloween, Everyone.

Continuing with the spirit of Halloween, as mentioned previously, we would like to share a couple more chicken stories today. These we know will give you chills. This story takes us to Kapa'au Town.

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Kamuela)

Again, Happy Halloween, Everyone.

As a special treat to our followers, we will share a couple of chicken skin stories, we have a great finale coming up later tonight. So hang on everyone, there is more yet to come today. This first story takes us to Historic Kohala Town, particularly Kapa'au.


This first chicken skin story takes us to Akoni Pule Highway just outside of the small town of Kapa'au. I was told that years ago by relatives, an old Chinese lady that had passed away years ago, was laid to rest in a graveyard outside of the Kapa'au, the location of her grave is unknown to this day, as it was unmarked. When crews were building now Akoni Pule Highway (or known as Kapa'au-Niuli'i Road or Highway 270) during the early plantations days, it's said that her grave was accidentally bulldozed over and the road was built over her grave.

Since the completion of Akoni Pule Highway, it's said that she walks along the highway during certain nights, as a sign her resting spot was disturbed and was never properly moved. She is described as the lady in a white dress who walks along the shoulder of Akoni Pule Highway near the location of her resting spot on certain nights.

So on one evening during no moon, a man was driving home on Akoni Pule Highway coming into Kapa'au town near the old Bond Library and see's a lady in a white dress all by herself walking along the highway, pulls over, and asks if she needs a ride. She quietly opens his door and gets in the car and the man begins driving again.

Shortly after getting back on the road, the man asks the lady where does she need to go and she lifted her hand and just pointed to down the road towards a gulch. So he continues on with driving down towards the gulch and was beginning to make small talk with the lady and she sits there quietly in his back seat and looking outside the window towards the forest.

As he was making his approach towards the gulch where the lady was pointing to, he began to notice that the air temperature in his car as the windshield began to fog up slightly. After wiping down the condensation off the windshield and getting into the dip of the gulch she was pointing to, he again asked the lady where exactly she needed to be dropped off.

Not hearing a word from the lady in the back seat, he took a quick glance in the rear-view mirror and saw a full-sized coffin laid out in the back seat of his car. Immediately after seeing that, he pulled off to the side of the highway and ran to get the coffin out of his car. When he opened the door to the back seat, the coffin had disappeared. He searched his whole car, saw no signs of the lady he had picked up, and gone berserk (or many would say off the deep end). After that day, the man was reported to have to live the rest of his life in a mental institution or hospital.

The understanding of what my relatives told me had was, the location where the man saw the coffin in his back seat of his car, is supposedly the location of her grave. Many believe she was buried in an unmarked grave and unable to be properly relocated. Thus, why it's believed construction of the highway had continued.

After being told this story by relatives, did not think much of it until one evening after a gathering at a relative's house down the road in Makapala, I was heading home on Akoni Pule Highway and coming up on the location of the old Bond Library. I noticed a lady in white walking along the roadway, recounting the story my relatives told me a while back, coming near the lady in white, I immediately hit the gas and just continued driving back home. I took a quick glance in the rearview mirror and I see another motorist, stop by her and pick her up, it's unknown to this day the faith of that motorist who stopped to pick her up.

Still, to this day, she continues to walks along Akoni Pule Highway just outside of Kapa'au town.

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