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HIRSC Chicken Skin Stories

Again, Happy Halloween, Everyone.

Continuing with the spirit of Halloween, as mentioned previously, we would like to share a couple more chicken stories today. These we know will give you chills. In this story, it takes us to Old Saddle Road.

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Kamuela) Team


Again, Happy Halloween, Everyone.

As a special treat to our followers, we will share a couple of chicken skin stories, we have a great finale coming up later tonight. So hang tight and buckle your seatbelts, everyone, here's another spooky story. This story now takes us to Old Saddle Road.


One night, a couple was driving on Saddle Road (before the realignment took place, now called Old Saddle Road) coming back from an event in Hilo. The weather that night was very foggy, making it difficult for the couple to navigate the winding curves of Saddle Road. The husband, driving at the time of the accident, had lost control of the vehicle and rolled over on Saddle Road just above Waiki'i Ranch.

After getting into the accident, the couple was able to safely get out of the wrecked vehicle, in which the vehicle was reported to be badly damaged. In the process of assessing the damage, an older Japanese man had appeared out of nowhere and asked the couple if they were okay. The couple shaken up had told the man, yes they were okay. The man then grabbed a blanket (or towel) from the back of their vehicle, covered the couple to help keep them warm, and walked them to the side of the road.

He then asked the couple if they needed someone to call for help and they said yes. The man said he would go get help. After getting help, the man stayed there to comfort them until help had arrived. About an hour later (due to their location/response time to the scene), firefighters and police officers from the Waimea Fire and Police Stations had arrived at the scene of the collision and immediately ran towards the couple to begin a medical and damage assessment.

The couple only suffered minor cuts and bruises, but no serious injuries from the collision. They then told the firefighters they were helped by an older Japanese man before they got to the scene, however, shortly after hearing the couple's statement, everyone at the scene got spooked and took the couple, what Japanese man. The couple then startled by the firefighter's answer, they immediately looked around the area and the man was nowhere to be found. They later learned that a homeowner/rancher at nearby Waiki'i Ranch had called for help after hearing the collision.

The couple still startled but still in good health, saddened that were never able to say thank you to the man who had helped them.

After hearing this story, I began doing research about this and found out that an older Japanese man, went up hunting above Waiki'i Ranch along the upper slopes of Maunakea years ago and had never returned home or been found. The family described the man as very friendly, kind-hearted, and also very giving, to where he would give the shirt off his back to someone in need.

Then I began to put the pieces together, that man in the couple's story, was actually the spirit of the man who missing years ago. Just coincidentally that night the couple had gotten into the accident, was also the last day the family had last seen him alive.

For many years, I had a very hard time driving on Old Saddle Road, knowing how dangerous it was, however, after hearing that story, I had an easier time driving on Old Saddle Road at night after hearing that story, knowing that someone is out there watching over us and making sure we get home safely.

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