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HIRSC Chicken Skin Stories

We are coming to the end of our chicken stories series and do we have a good one to end the month-long series.

This final story takes us back up to Kohala.

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Kamuela) Team


Hope everyone had a Happy and also Safe Halloween.

We are coming to the end of our special series, we know that some of the stories have given many readers chicken skin. So fasten your seatbelts, grab your ti leaves, and get ready for probably the scariest story that will be shared.

We are making a trip back up to Kohala, the location of where this story takes place will not be disclosed as requested by landowners.


On one October evening, back when I was about 10 years old, myself and the rest of my family had gone up to one of our relative's ranch in Kohala for a little family get together that weekend.

As we got to our relative's pasture/ranch land, just around 5:30 pm and we all met up and gathered around this abandoned/old plantation house for dinner. As we got together and were catching up with relatives and also cousins I have not seen in a long time.

As we continued with our gathering into the nighttime hours (it was roughly 8:00 pm in the evening), we suddenly heard a loud banging noise, as if someone was slamming a bat against the wall and also slamming a door. Myself and a couple of cousins began to walk towards the house, as we approached the house, we began to hear piano music playing, playing Beethoven's Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor and Rondo a Capriccio in G Major. As we got closer to the house and looked into a window, I shined a flashlight through the window and investigated the room and sure enough, we saw a piano in the room and see the keys of the piano being played, however, no one was inside the room.

Suddenly, the music stopped playing and the piano key cover had slammed shut, then a loud thud against the wall we were leaning against was heard and we immediately stepped away from the house and I ran to my parent's truck and hid inside, scared (well let's just say, it would make have to change your underwear kind of a deal) and afraid to step outside.

My parents then came up to me and asked me if everything was okay and I pointed towards the house and told them the piano was playing by itself. They investigated themselves and seen the same thing happening right in front of them. Immediately after witnessing the events in the house, they went to the rest of my relatives and told them we should call it a night.

As everyone was packing their stuff and getting ready to leave in their trucks, we heard the sound of a lady screaming and the branches of the tree near the house began to shake violently as if someone was jumping up and down on the branches. We all began to look around the house and clearing if anyone had come on the pasture. After further investigation, we found nothing, we all continued to finish packing up our get together and all of a sudden, one of my cousin's points at a tree and yells: "Lady in the tree, Lady in the tree."

Everyone immediately runs over to his location and shine our flashlights and we all see a lady in a white dress hanging in the tree by a rope. We all rushed over to cut her down from the tree and as we approached the tree, she immediately disappeared from our sight. Shortly after she disappeared in thin air, we all ran back to our trucks and just booked it down the hill as fast as we could down to the highway.

As we were all leaving, we see two glowing green eyes from the tree we found the lady hanging, then suddenly we heard a female laughing loudly (similar to a villain laughing in the movies) and she was able to give out one last scream. As we heard the scream and laughing happening, the front door of the house had slammed hard and given off a loud bang.

We never looked back at the house and continued down the hill. After getting onto the highway, we all gathered at my relative's house in Kapa'au, still, in disbelief, we all took a deep breath and tried to recount the events that had unfolded up at the pasture.

Still to this day, we are not able to figure out the back story

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