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HIRSC Scanner Feed Notice for July 3rd, 2020

Testing underway for new scanner feed platform on Broadcastify and switch expected to occur in Mid-July.

Preview the HIRSC Feed on Broadcastify Calls

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (West Hawaii) Team

The HIRSC Team is proud to announce that scanner feed is now going into a new and improved direction for everyone. Beginning in mid-July (Exact Date to be determined), the HIRSC Team will be activating the new scanner feed on Broadcastify Calls platform, that will cover the Kohala (North and South) and Kona (North and South) districts of West Hawaii.

In preparation for the new scanner feed to be officially online, from between 4:00 pm July 3rd until 8:00 am July 6th, 2020, the HIRSC - Kailua-Kona/Holualoa Team will be periodically be testing the feed stability and feed will occasionally go offline while they work to fine-tune the feed for its official debut in Mid-July.

The original scanner feed, currently being run by our HIRSC Administrator utilizing his personal scanner to link in the feed temporarily until the switch is officially made. Once the switch has been made, it will be silenced. Individuals/volunteers interested in taking over that in audio scanner feed, please feel free to message/email our team and we can help those with the process of getting it going. (Equipment/Software will not be provided)

With the addition to the new platform on Broadcastify, you'll be able to also listen to the Honoka'a site alongside with our feed, connecting listeners to less heard spot on the island. HIRSC Team is working to get other sites around Hawaii Island up online and connecting everyone to activity happening around the entire island. We will update you as those additions are completed and online.

The question that will be asked is, how is this platform improved compared to the old scanner audio-in feed, with the Broadcastify Calls setup, listeners will be able to review up to 25 previously heard the audio on the scanner feed from within the past 3-4 hours (or less depending on the activity) for that day and instantly replay audio as they come in, audio listeners to catch up from where they left off, compared to the old scanner feed system, users had to wait over an hour to replay the audio for that 30 minute period they missed (which included dead air and guessing the exact time of each audio recorded).

Another added feature is listeners will be able to set up personal playlists of the talkgroups they specifically would like to hear vs having to tune and waiting for the talkgroup to come back up. Those are the many added benefits of new platform.

Another question is asked how does this setup work, this setup runs using computer software that is programmed specifically to decode trunked radio systems. This software works alongside with Software-Defined Radio (SDR) USB Tuners/Dongles and doesn't require base/mobile scanner to work/operate. Anyone that is interested in learning more about how it works and also wanted to try it out for themselves, please also feel free to message or email us for more details. Please note that this setup requires advanced knowledge of computer software setup/troubleshooting/code writing.

Please be advised for listeners, you will need a premium account through RadioReference/Broadcastify to access this new Broadcastify Calls platform. We are working to get other platforms working, however, still awaiting new server application approvals. We will update you once the new servers become available.

Access the prototype feed, please click here to preview the setup.

Big Mahalo (Thank You) to our HIRSC - West Hawaii Team who are working to get this going for everyone to soon listen too.

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