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HIRSC Scanner Feed Notice for July 9th, 2020

HIRSC West Hawaii Scanner Feed through Broadcastify Calls is officially online and integrated patch connection through to the traditional West Hawaii Scanner Feed is being finalized.

Preview the HIRSC Feed on Broadcastify Calls

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (West Hawaii) Team

The HIRSC Team is proud to announce the scanner feed through Broadcastify Calls is now online and available for users to access. HIRSC - West Hawaii Team officially activated the system at 12:00 am on July 8th, 2020. This feed covers the following districts and areas of West Hawaii:

  • Kohala Region (Including North and South Kohala Districts)

  • Kona Region (Including North and South Kona Districts)

  • Ka'u Region

Initially, the HIRSC Team was only able to receive traffic from the Kona and Kohala Regions, however, thanks to the hard work from our West Hawaii and Admin Team, they were able to configure the computer software and equipment setup to now receiving traffic from the Ka'u Region as well and connecting the loop for the entire West Hawaii Region. Huge Kudos goes to our HIRSC - West Hawaii and Admin Team for working their magic behind the scenes.

Access the new feed, please click here. (Broadcastify/Radioreference Premium Account Required to listen to the stream)

This feed will primarily cover traffic from the Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) and the Hawaii Police Department (HPD). Please note, for the Ka'u Region, HPD will occasionally be heard on this feed, however, depending on unit location, it can be heard more on East Hawaii Scanner Broadcast. HFD Ka'u region can be heard regularly on this feed. Also note, listeners will occasionally hear garble/glitches in transmissions, that mechanism is out of our control and related to the radio system traffic/activity and unit location relative to the tower site.

In compliance with Broadcastify Terms-Of-Service for Broadcasters; All Tactical, SWAT, Car-To-Car, and Detective Talkgroups have been locked out from broadcast and will not be unlocked under circumstances. Also, note to all listeners, the following rules still do apply with our new feed setup:

  • During events of police situations (such as manhunts, hostage, a missing person, and other police sensitive situations): DO NOT tweet or post police movements during that period to protect the first responders at the scene or responding to the scene. Should a discovery of such posts or tweets on any social media platform be found, we reserve the right to take our feed or take the channel offline, to help protect our first responders and potential victims at the scene as well. We will bring the feed online again once the situation is declared over. 

  • Information (such as person's name, license #, license plates) disclosed during any police and fire incidents are also considered sensitive and ask the public not to tweet or post such information on any platform of social media. Should a discovery of such posts or tweets on any social media platform is found, we reserve the right to take our feed or the channel offline.

 *This rule also applies to juveniles (children under the age of 18).*

  • During events of serious, critical, or fatal incidents (including vehicle accidents, rescues, medical, and public incidents): Please DO NOT tweet or post moment by moment events happening at the scene or information related to that incident (including graphic details) on any platform of social media and ask everyone to be sensitive to the situation that is ongoing and to the potential victims at the scene. This will ensure the effected families are properly notified of the incident by authorities. Should a discovery of such posts or tweets on any social media platform is found, we reserve the right to take our feed offline or lockout that channel, this will help protect the potential victims at the scene and again ensure proper notification is made. We will bring the feed or channel online again once the situation is declared over.

As a friendly reminder, to access the Broadcastify Calls Platform, listeners will need a premium account in order to listen and access the audio library for this feed.

Some of the added benefits/improvements for associated with the new service and also for a premium account holder include:

  • Live Replay of Audio of Calls Heard

  • 30-day Chronological Retention of Calls

  • Ability to focus on particular talkgroup through customizable playlists

With the addition to the Broadcastify Calls platform, you'll be able to also listen to the Honoka'a site alongside with our feed, connecting listeners to less heard spot on the island. HIRSC Team is working to get other sites around Hawaii Island up online and connecting everyone to activity happening around the entire island. We will update you as those additions are completed and online.

At this time, HIRSC - West Hawaii Team is working to complete an integration patch with traditional feed service. Testing has been ongoing over the past few days however, encountering a few issues related to audio not being broadcasted over the scanner feed. Currently working with the software developer to resolve these issues and hope to have the patch online as soon as possible. So stay tuned.

On a temporary basis, Our HIRSC Administrator will continue to provide the traditional West Hawaii Scanner Audio Stream until the patch switch can be completed. So big thank you for volunteering to keep that service up for the community to tune into. As a friendly reminder, listeners are being asked to follow the rules/reminders in place to ensure our airwaves do not go silent.

Those interested in learning more about the SDRTrunk Software and Equipment needed to set your own up, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Big Mahalo (Thank You) to our HIRSC - West Hawaii and Admin Team for getting these platforms online.

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