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HIRSC Scanner Feed Update for July 5th, 2020

Test Trail for the HIRSC Scanner Feed via Broadcastify Calls yields positive results and HIRSC moves forward to full implementation in Mid-July and also working to patch it in with existing West Hawaii Scanner Feed on Broadcastify.

Preview the HIRSC Feed on Broadcastify Calls

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (West Hawaii) Team

HIRSC Team is happy to announce that the test/trial run for the Broadcastify Calls system was very successful with only a few minor glitches arising during the test run. The feed will go offline at 8:00 am Monday morning, July 6th to allow the HIRSC Team to fine-tune the glitches that occurred during the test trail run. The new Broadcastify Calls Platform feed is expected to keep going on and offline periodically for the next week until all fixes have been made.

After much research and consulting with partners, HIRSC Team also happy to announce that we will be able to patch in the new call platform service into the existing traditional feed also beginning in Mid-July, however, the advance features associated with the Broadcastify Calls services will not be available unless you are using the Calls Platform. No subscription is needed to access existing traditional West Hawaii Scanner Feed currently online, but a premium subscription is needed to access the Broadcastify Calls Platform.

We will once again, be taking over running the West Hawaii Scanner Feed beginning very soon. We targeting to complete the switch over during the next scheduled routine maintenance on July 12th. All listeners will notice better audio quality once the switch is officially made and looking to also feed talkgroup tags as well.

Both feeds will run simultaneously utilizing the specialized computer decoding software called SDRTrunk with multiple Software-Defined Radio (SDR) USB Dongles made to decode and scan the radio system in use. It runs solely on a desktop computer and does not require a base radio scanner to work, so added benefit as for the HIRSC Team. Anyone interested in learning more about that setup, please feel free to contact us and will be happy to share more information with those interested. Please note, this type of setup we're using requires advanced computer knowledge and programming skills.

Access the prototype feed, please click here to preview the setup.

We are also working on getting new services up and online soon and will make an announcement when that is officially turned on.

Big Mahalo (Thank You) to our HIRSC - West Hawaii Team who are working to get this going for everyone to soon listen too.

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