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HIRSC Team Statement on COVID-19

Here is the official statement from our HIRSC Administration team regarding the COVID-19 outbreak updates.

Published by: HIRSC Administration Team - All Sections

Aloha Followers and Supporters,

Over the past couple of weeks and months, the media (including social media) has been providing updates on COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus 2019) and the effects it's having on the State of Hawai'i and around the country.

Many of our followers have been messaging us in regards to if our team will provide updates to COVID-19 and after a lengthy conference call with our Moderating and Administrating team from all sections alongside physicians/medical experts and also legal team, we made the ultimate decision to NOT provide regular/daily updates on COVID-19 at this time as other media organizations or companies providing updates on this event daily.

The HIRSC Team had made the decision to help restore normality to the Island of Hawaii and help settle/calm down the uneasiness happening as well. HIRSC Team will continue with our normal operations and updates on events that happened around Hawaii Island or will affect the residents of the Island of Hawaii in any way.

We ask all of our followers and supporters to focus on both your families and also personal health and wellness and ask everyone to practice good hygiene measures as we are in the peak of influenza (flu) and cold season as well.

The HIRSC Team will continue to monitor the ongoing situation with COVID-19 and is regularly tuned to conference calls with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Hawai'i State Department of Health, and other health agencies in our coverage areas. Any information updates we do provide on COVID-19, the HIRSC team will ensure the information is accurate and also comes from CDC or state government health authorities in an official press release.

Mahalo to our followers for your continued support, understanding, and also cooperation in this matter.

- HIRSC Administration Team

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