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HIRSC Team Statement on More Team Members Test Positive for COVID-19

HIRSC - Administration Team releases a statement regarding HIRSC Team members on Hawaii Island, Maui, and now including Utah, Nevada, and Colorado test positive for COVID-19, 5 of which are hospitalized.

No exposures to members of the public have been found according to our contact tracing investigation.

Published by: HIRSC - Administration and Moderating Team

The HIRSC - Administration is saddened to announce that now a total of 23 HIRSC Team Members (11 new infections added) on Hawaii Island, Maui, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada (11 on Hawaii Island, 3 on Maui, 2 in Utah, 1 in Colorado, and 6 in Nevada) have tested positive for COVID-19 with five (5) member on Hawaii Island hospitalized. HIRSC Team Members who have tested positive are currently under quarantine guidelines set by their local health department or agency.

Once again, Upon the discovery and learning of the HIRSC Team Members receiving news of positive test results or being tested for COVID-19, the HIRSC Administration and Moderating Team Members immediately went into contact tracing mode and help compile a list for their local health department or agency (In other words, the HIRSC Team had contact their contacts individually due to the severe backlog in cases by health departments or agencies contact tracers) and determined that no members of the public or immediate contacts were exposed to those from the HIRSC Team who had tested positive for COVID-19. It's important to note that none of the HIRSC Team Members were in contact or gathered together prior to being tested for COVID-19.

Members and their immediate family members who have tested positive for COVID-19 all have been placed under a mandatory 10-day quarantine by the HDOH. It's important to note that all team members including their close family members have been fully vaccinated.

The HIRSC - Administration and Moderating Team have conducted their own investigations and later determined that 17 of the team members had contracted COVID-19 within their own households and not from the general public. While other six members in Nevada had been exposed to COVID-19 from family members who traveled from Hawai’i recently and later test positive for the virus in Nevada.

There was again, no public exposures or close contacts to the public from the new cases added related to HIRSC Team Members.

Members who have tested positive for COVID-19 are asymptomatic or had mild symptoms (such as cough, low-grade fever, headaches, loss of taste or smell, and body aches), with the exception of five team members are now hospitalized (2 on Hawaii Island, 1 on Maui, and 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada) for severe symptoms (shortness of breath/respiratory distress/pneumonia) from COVID-19. Three members remain in serious but stable condition.

However, I am very saddened to announce that two of our members that are hospitalized are in critical condition and in inside a hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Las Vegas and on Oahu (one medevac from Hawaii Island). Both members were fully vaccinated with no underlying health issues.

The HIRSC Team is conducting their own daily health screening with those affected team members via Zoom, we are doing this as an research study to understand the affects of COVID-19 and to get a better idea of what are some of the key signs to look for when symptoms arise in a person.

While there was no further spread or exposure to those outside of their family units, the HIRSC Team as a precaution has immediately suspended all in-person programming services or training until further notice due to the high spread of COVID-19 among the community.

I do want once again to stress to all members of the Hawaii Island and Maui communities is that regardless of your vaccination status, I ask everyone to take every precaution (such as washing or sanitizing your hands, wear a mask in all public settings; indoor and outdoors; avoid crowded settings, and staying home while you're sick) seriously to stop the spread of COVID-19 and do not let your guard down. Together we all can get through this safely.

Just would like to once again thank you to everyone for their continued support to all HIRSC Team media platforms.


Benjamin Agdeppa

HIRSC - Founder and Administrator

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