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HIRSC Team Statement Regarding Tropical Cyclone Douglas

The HIRSC Team has begun preparation work for potential impacts related to Tropical Cyclone Douglas.

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Holualoa) and Administration Team

From HIRSC Founder and Administrator Ben:

The HIRSC Team is continuing to monitor Tropical Cyclone Douglas in the East Pacific Basin, making it's way over to the Central Pacific Basin. Based on the latest forecast models reviewed by our Administration and Weather Team, the following action plan have been implemented:

  • All HIRSC Team in East Hawaii have shifted their work over to the West Hawaii Team and also to our mainland counterparts in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. East Hawaii members are beginning their own personal preparation work, should the forecast models continue to stay in agreements. West Hawaii Team members have also begun the same personal preparation work as well.

  • Both the West Hawaii Scanner Feeds (Traditional and Call Platforms) will remain online during weather events. Should an outage occur, HIRSC Team will do their best to restore the feed as quickly and safely possible. Listeners should anticipate long outages during inclement weather occur.

  • Website and other Media Platforms will also remain online and counterparts in the mainland US will continue to provide updates on events from Hawaii Island.

  • Incidents and Events related to Douglas (should any occur): We will posting them via our Scanner Log, Twitter, and also via a Google Map (to be created in the coming days). We will update our followers on the links to all media being used to document/record weather events.

We would like to remind our followers that we are in the midst of Hurricane Season and everyone should be prepared and have all emergency supplies/plans in place.

Any further team actions to occur related to Tropical Cyclone Douglas will provide an update as we get more information.

Stay Safe Everyone,

Benjamin Agdeppa

HIRSC Founder and Administrator

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