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HIRSC Team undergoing equipment testing of the West Hawaii scanner feed

Testing of the feed is expected to continue over the next several days going into 8/24/19.

Due to many messages of support and request to have HIRSC team restore the West Hawaii scanner feed, HIRSC team has listened to your request and messages to announce the scanner feed will return.

As most of you were aware in our live feed update Monday night (August 19th), originally made the decision to end the feed indefinitely earlier in the day due to technical issues we were encountering over a period of 2 weeks and causing many problems for not only are team and but also the community that listens in.

So after much discussion between the HIRSC team on island, we have decide to reverse our official decision will continue to maintain the West Hawaii Scanner Feed through Broadcastify. So beginning tonight (August 20th), HIRSC team will be experimenting with base scanners and separation of systems on multiple scanners broadcasting through one feed. The HIRSC team will also be experimenting with professional audio equipment (tuners, cables, equalizers, etc.) to help with reducing what some may hear as humming or distortion come over the air on all applications.

Testing will occur throughout the day on Tuesday night to Friday night. There will be periods the scanner is online and prolonged periods when the scanner is offline, please note team does make adjustments during that time.

We do ask all our listeners to bear with us while that occurs and would like to thank our followers and listeners for their continued patience and understanding.

Please note: The feed will be official restored (uninterrupted) on Sunday, August 25th, 2019 and going offline weekly on Friday's from 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm for routine maintenance on equipment.

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