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HIRSC Team Update for April 13th, 2020

HIRSC Team Update for the month of April 2020

Published By: HIRSC Team - Administration Team

Aloha Everyone,

The HIRSC Team would like to provide the following update on projects and updates currently underway:


  • All HIRSC Team Operations will remain status quo (Normal) at this time

  • All physical programming assistance will not be conducted until COVID-19 situation subsides

  • HIRSC Team will not provide daily updates on the COVID-19 situation, however, all a webpage has been set up to help users to access for the appropriate state information.

  • COVID-19 webpage was added to HIRSC Website and went into effect in early April.

  • Page includes resources on current statistics from the states we cover, also includes unemployment information from each state, links to the CDC website regarding COVID-19.

HIRSC Website

  • Current Update/Addition Status: 85% Complete

  • Awaiting for updated links/codes from the States of Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Montana

  • Delayed due to offices requested for information are out due to the COVID-19 Pandemic/Orders.

  • Weather Applications Changes

  • Converting all-weather maps to one weather application. This will allow users to select different models and radars available.

  • All weather pages are being updated: 90% Complete

  • Color-Scheme Change: 85% Complete

  • Library Additions

  • We will be also adding general training resources for first responders (particularly for Fire and EMS).

  • Weather Training/Basic Understanding Center

  • Allowing the public/community to become familiar with the basics of weather and signs of impending conditions.

  • New Website Changes to go into effect on Friday, April 24th, 2020

Team New Additions

  • As mentioned in March, we have added 12 new members to our team from the following states

  • New Mexico: 3

  • Idaho: 3

  • Montana: 3

  • Wyoming: 2

  • Hawai’i: 1

  • Hawaii Island - Honoka’a: 1

  • Team members are all now all online and are helping to cover stories and events happening throughout all the areas we cover.

  • They’ll also be monitoring our social media page and also website

West Hawaii Scanner Feed

  • In March/early April of 2020, the HIRSC Team had switched the West Hawaii Scanner feed to a newer broadcast software/system that allows for our team on the Island of Hawaii to patch in scanners from other areas of the island linked on our team’s internal network.

  • The scanner will continue to be feed directly to Broadcastify.

  • Maintenance on the scanner will occur now bi-weekly basis or monthly, depending on the traffic received/activity heard.

  • Limiting the downtimes on the scanner to improve scanner availability to the community.

  • Maintenance dates will be announced on our Facebook page (Please follow our Facebook Page to be informed of dates/times for maintenance)

  • The new software catalogs all the audio transmissions recorded and automatically backed up onto External Hard Drive Disk connected to the computer broadcasting the feed.

  • Audio recorded is time-stamped and categorized by date in our system, which can be accessed by HIRSC Team members at any time.

  • This system will not be made available to the public/community to access.

  • Community/Public may access audio recording library through Broadcastify (with a premium membership).

Future Feed (North Hawaii Scanner Feed Status Update)

  • HIRSC Team is currently assessing the feasibility with a North Hawaii Feed

  • The location/site has been secured, however, the stability of utilities (such as power and internet) is being monitored by the HIRSC Team.

  • Once utility issues have been resolved, we will continue with the feasibility study and possibly file feed applications in the future.

  • North Hawaii would cover the following areas: Kohala (North and South), Kona (North and South), Hamakua, Hilo (North and South Hilo), and Puna

  • May be used as a back up for West Hawaii or switched to cover both North and West Hawaii.

The HIRSC Team, of course, would like to thank all of our followers and supporters for their continued support over 3 years to all of our media platforms. We truly could not make all these changes possible without you folks.

HIRSC is operated by all volunteers with the interest in the hobby of scanners. Members come from many different backgrounds such as Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Engineering (Civil and Traffic), Traffic/Safety Investigations, Aviation, Medical, and Meteorology (just to name a few). So if you have any questions regarding scanners or anything, please feel free to reach out to the HIRSC Team and we will be happy to help you out in any way.

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