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HIRSC Team will terminate the West Hawaii scanner feed

Effective 8/19/19, HIRSC Team will sunset (End) the West Hawaii scanner feed.

Beginning Monday 8/19/19, The HIRSC Team will sunset (end/terminate) the West Hawaii Scanner Feed indefinitely.

Reason for the end of the feed, due to many technical issues we have been encountering over the last few weeks, our team is not able to keep up and maintain a quality feed that benefit not only our followers but the community that listens in.

While our team spent many hours to behind the scenes to keep the feed running smoothly, we made the decision to focusing our efforts to other task at hand (such as maintaining our website, Facebook page, Scanner Log, providing Information Updates, etc.). We would like to thank our team members who had volunteered their homes/offices and computers to host the West Hawaii scanner feed.

While we know that this decision was not be in the best interest of our followers and community, but the HIRSC team will evaluate the possibility of using other platforms to provide live feed in the future that will better suit the community and our followers.

This decision will not effect any operations we currently do, as the HIRSC team members in West Hawaii do have scanners (base and handheld) and will continue to monitor and provide updates on major events/incidents.

We would like to thank all of our followers for your continued support and will continue to do our best to ensure that our community stays in the loop of all the everyday happenings.

If you are interested in hosting scanner for Broadcastify (main platform for online scanners), please feel free to message us and we help with answering any questions you have on how to get one started.

(Side Note: We do want to note that all radio scanners you hear on Broadcastify, Scanner911, 5-0 Scanners, etc. rely on volunteers who dedicate not only their radio scanners, but also computers to provide audio of their area. Thus reason why a lot of areas do not have online scanners due to no volunteers.)

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