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HIRSC Website Information Update for December 20th, 2019

Website users have reported technical issues with our site and the HIRSC IT and Admin team is working to correct those issues as soon as possible.

Aloha Everyone,

First of all, we apologize for the incorrect name on the previous post that was published earlier. The HIRSC Admin Team has since corrected, as it was an error on our end and since working with our team to ensure correct information is published in future updates.

Second, the HIRSC website is currently experiencing technical issues and working with the host server company to get this resolved. Some users experienced updates posted in the past and even this evening may sudden come offline or no longer available and may no longer be visible to the public to view, some pages may come out blank and nothing shows, and also scrolling through our site may be slower than normal. Please be patient as our Admin Team works to resolve those issues and hope to have a website running smoothly very soon.

In the meantime, the HIRSC team will post all updates directly to our Facebook Page. So please continue to follow our page for updates on events happening around Hawaii Island.

The West Hawaii Scanner Feed is not affected by this issue will continue to remain up and running.

If users and followers experience other issues, please feel free to message us and our IT and Admin team will work to resolve those issues.

We will update everyone once the issues have been corrected and back to running normally.

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