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Island of Hawai'i Mile Marker Map Update Release for September 12th, 2022

HIRSC Administrator and Founder announce the latest updates to the Island of Hawai'i Mile Marker Map for September 2022.

(Link to the map in the post below)

Published by: HIRSC - Hawai'i Island (Hōlualoa) Team

Aloha HIRSC Family,

We are very happy to announce from our very own HIRSC Administrator and Founder Benjamin Agdeppa that the Island of Hawai'i Mile Marker is now back online with a very different look.

To view the Island of Hawai'i Mile Marker Map, please click here.

The following changes have been made or applied to the map (Photos of changes attached below):

  • Mile Marker and Information: Corrections to roadway names have been made with the addition of district (moku) and ahupua'a information added to every mile marker in the description.

  • Traffic Signal Information and Graphic: Corrections made and new details added to all traffic signals. Traffic Signal Graphic has been updated.

  • Fire Station Information: Name corrections have been made, realignment of icons, and details of units stationed at the fire station have been added.

  • Police Station Information: Name corrections have been made and updated information in the description.

  • Hospital Information: Name corrections made and more details added, such as Emergency Room availability. Icon also changed to match signs posted to direct motorists to the hospital.

  • Roadway Landmarks: Junctions and Features have been changed from shaded color shape layers to new icons to match the landmark type.

  • Physical Landmarks: All Landmarks have been changed from a shaded color shape to an icon to help users find landmarks. Icons match the type of landmark to help identify it appropriately. All landmark icons are now blue. (Also hidden easter egg, within one of the landmarks that gives a little history of how it's known in the Hawai'i Island community.)

  • Additions: Added known gulches/channels around many parts of Hawai'i Island, new landmarks commonly referenced added, viewpoints added, and additional road landmarks added.

We would like to once again thank everyone for their continued patience and understanding while this work was being completed (It took longer than expected, but glad it came out better than expected). And once again, a very big mahalo goes to Ben for his continued hard work and dedication to keep this available for our community to use.

Since updates were made to the Hawai'i Island map, Ben is now working on the Maui Nui Mile Marker Map as well, those changes will be posted in the coming months. So hold tight Maui Nui community, you haven't been left out.

Any requests for the map, please email Ben directly and he'll do his very best to make it work. Also, those who want a copy of the latest KML/KMZ file for the Google Earth app on macOS, Windows, and now compatible for use on both Andriod and IOS platforms as well, please email Ben as well and he'll forward you a copy of the file to use.

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