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Island of Hawaii Mile Marker Success Story for April 5th, 2021

HIRSC Team has learned a couple's lives were saved using the Island of Hawaii Mile Marker Map back in Mid-2019.

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Hilo and Holualoa) Team

The HIRSC Team on Hawaii Island has learned that a couple's lives were saved thanks to using the Island of Hawaii Mile Marker Map back in mid-2019.

A follower/community member had sent an email to the HIRSC Team late Friday evening (April 2nd, 2021) after reading the article about the story to the Island of Hawaii Mile Marker Map and asked for her information to be kept confidential for privacy reasons to tell the HIRSC Team about the single-vehicle collision they were involved in on Highway 11 (Mamalahoa Highway) near MacFarms in South Kona on Hawaii Island.

They were visiting the Island of Hawaii back in Mid-2019 and were returning their bed-and-breakfast in Kailua-Kona from a trip visiting along the South Hawaii coastline and along the way, they struck a wild animal (being described as a wild boar), and the rental vehicle suffered extensive damage and crashed off of Highway 11 near the 86-mile marker in South Kona.

Following the collision, unable to tell their location, her husband immediately called 911, however, unable to give an exact location, the female immediately pulled up her Google maps, and just coincidentally the Island of Hawaii Mile Marker Map had popped up on the screen and the location showed them they were just north of the 86-mile marker and immediately reported that information to HPD officials. Emergency crews arrived at the scene and luckily, they both suffered only minor injuries following the collision.

Bystanders had also stopped after they already phoned 911 and assisted them until emergency crews arrived at the scene as well.

HIRSC Team had reviewed archived audio from 2019 based on the date given by the individual and confirmed the incident. Officials say that they had the individual's location via the GPS signal from the phone, however, the confirmation of north of the 86-mile marker in South Kona, they were able to definitely pinpoint the GPS ping within a matter of 10 meters.

She tells the HIRSC Team that if their bed-and-breakfast did not have the QR Code/Link with the map, which she had scanned the first day they arrived here, they would've had to wait for bystanders to help assist them or had to wander along Highway 11 to get their location.

They are very grateful to this day for this map that was made and sent their deepest appreciation to HIRSC Founder and Administration Benjamin Agdeppa for this valuable asset.

We had forwarded that same email to Ben immediately after receiving it and he has been in contact with the individual to send his own personal thank you and also warm notes of appreciation for the kind words given to him.

We really once again want to say a big mahalo to Ben for his continued hard work and effort behind the scenes to maintaining this map for everyone to use and view. It has now been proven to be a life-saving one as well.

So Thank You Very Much, Ben.

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