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Island of Hawaii Weather Forecast for May 19th, 2021

Here's your Hawaii Island Weather Forecast for Wednesday, May 19th, 2021.

Published by: HIRSC - Weather Team

Here's your HIRSC - Wednesday Weather Forecast for Hawaii Island:

Sunrise: 5:47 am/Sunset: 6:54 pm


Most of the Island of Hawaii will continue to see breezy conditions to prevail over parts of North and South Hawaii and Kohala Coasts (including Kawaihae, Kohala Ranch, 'Upolu Point, and Kapa'au Town), with some gust, reaching 30 mph, a bit calmer than the past few days.

(Windsock graphic mark the regions with breezy/windy conditions forecasted)

Again, most of the island will see partly sunny skies or scattered showers in the morning and some afternoon clearing or continued scattered showers throughout the day on Tuesday (pretty much a repeat of Monday's forecast). East Hawaii region will see typical trade wind pattern, windward and mauka showers, with some partly sunny conditions throughout some parts. Kona Coast will continue to see a normal Kona Wind pattern, clear skies in the morning and afternoon clouds and showers, some moderate showers with the possibility of heavy showers at times.

East Hawaii (Includes South Hilo and Puna Districts):

- Again will see Scattered Showers mainly for the South Hilo and Puna Districts through the day and slowly clearing in some area in the afternoon hours and winds blowing from the East and Northeast up to 13 mph.

Hāmākua Coast (North Hilo to Hāmākua Districts):

- Partly sunny skies with some afternoon scattered showers in some areas in the North Hilo and Hāmākua Districts and winds blowing from the East up to 16 mph. Breezier conditions in Honoka'a, Pa'auhau, and Kukuihaele areas seeing gust up to 23 mph.

North Hawaii (North and South Kohala Districts including the Kohala Coast):

- Sunny in the AM (or sunny skies in the Waikoloa Beach and Puakō areas) and scattered showers in the afternoon with locally breezy conditions, particularly in Kamuela and also along the North Kohala Coastlines (including Upolu and Kapa'au), winds blowing from the North, East, and Northeast between 7 to 21 mph, with some gust at 30 mph. Winds will again lighten towards the mid-afternoon and early evening hours.

Kona Coast (North and South Kona Districts):

- Continue to see mostly sunny skies in the morning and afternoon clouds and scattered showers along the Kona Coast from daytime heating/sea breeze conditions, particularly upper elevations. Winds will be West to Northwest up to 7 mph.

South Hawaii (Entire District of Ka'ū):

- Will continue to see mostly sunny skies in the morning and afternoon clouds and scattered showers with locally breezy conditions, particularly in the Ocean View, Na'alehu, Pāhala, Volcano, and Ka Lae (South Point) Region. Winds blowing from the east up to 20 mph, with some localized gust at 28 mph. Winds around the Hawaiian Ranchos and Hawaiian Ocean View Estates subdivision will be from the East up to 15 mph with some gust at 20 mph.

Weather Advisories on Hawaii Island:

None to Report

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