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Island of Kaua'i Mile Marker Map Release for May 23rd, 2021

It's official, the Island of Kaua'i Mile Marker Map is complete and now available for the general public to access.

(Link to the map in the post)

Published by: HIRSC - Administration and Moderating Team

The HIRSC Team is welcome to announce after popular demand and requests made to HIRSC Administrator and Founder Benjamin Agdeppa, he has officially completed the mile markers map for the Islands of Kaua'i on late Sunday evening (May 23rd).

Yes, Kaua'i Residents, you heard that right, we are very pleased to present this digital mile marker map to you folks to view and also share with your 'ohana on the Island of Kaua'i.

Ben says "The Island of Kaua'i Map I want to say was probably the easiest map to create mainly because of the size of the island and the highest mile marker on the island was 32. Plus the added factor was a lot of the graphics were already in my drive and was a quick process to get them on the map in a timely matter, not like the last couple of maps."

Click here to view the Island of Kaua'i Mile Marker Map

The following information has been added to the first release of the Islands of Maui County Map (Visuals shown above):

  • Mile Marker according to route listed in the GIS Data and verified physically by HIRSC - Kaua'i Team

  • Some Mile Markers with Route Number were added (Future Plans to add route number to all mile markers)

  • Traffic Signal Graphics added to all signalized intersections on Kaua'i

  • All Kaua'i Fire Department Stations are labeled on the map with logo (Photo Above)

  • The same also applies to all Kaua'i Airport Fire Stations

  • All Kaua'i Police Department Stations are labeled on the map with logo (Photo Above)

  • Hospitals in Kaua'i Labeled

  • State Parks (including Historical Parks under the State) added to Map with State Park Sign

"I know the first version isn't in any way 100% perfect and asks for the assistance of the Kaua'i residents to send me an email and I'll do my best to get that corrected in the next update (Updates to this map will be made on a monthly basis)" Ben says

Ben says "there are more additions coming to the map within the next few months (such as rivers/gulches, landmarks, etc; similar to Hawaii Island map) and asking for the help of Kaua'i Residents to send in their request to me and will do my best to make it work similar to Hawaii Island's map. I want the Island of Kaua'i Residents to tell me what works for them to make unique. My hope is with this map makes it easier for residents and businesses to give directions to people and also help give a visual to everyone on where an accident or brush fire is at, to help with route planning or just plain curiosity kicks in."

Again Big Mahalo to Ben for again doing the work behind the scenes to making a map for another island.

And yes, that means there is only one island left on the list to complete, there another big announcement coming in the next couple of days to unveil that island's map. Just have to stay tuned for the previews of that map.

"I do want to give a lot of credit also to my HIRSC - Kaua'i Team for helping me verifying the information as well, I couldn't get this map done in a timely matter without them since being on the Island of Hawaii and unable to travel for recreational purposes at this time," Ben says.

For those interested in using it on Google Earth computer software, please feel free to send us an email request (or may use the email link in the map description) and Ben will forward the KML/KMZ file for this map.

(Please note that the KML/KMZ file only works with the computer software and not with mobile phones, you must use the internet provided above).

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