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Island of Maui County Mile Marker Map Update for May 11th, 2021

Major Updates to the Island of Maui County Mile Marker Map have been completed and new improvements/look are now live. (Preview of the changes are in the post)

Published by: HIRSC - Administration and Moderating Team HIRSC Founder and Administrator Benjamin Agdeppa announce that major updates have been completed to the Island of Maui County Mile Marker Map and the following new features, changes, and improvements have been made:

Fixed load issues that some users were encountering with viewing the map

  • State Parks with each park name has been added to the map

  • Example in the slideshow

  • Replica National Park Signs have been added accordingly to the corresponding park.

  • Example in the slideshow

  • Maui Fire Stations Icon Updated

  • Higher quality graphic added

  • Lifeguard Stations Icon Updated

  • Current and better quality graphic added

  • Traffic Signal Graphic Updated

  • Image of the new graphic in the slideshow

  • More Traffic Signs have been updated/cleaned up

  • 3D Traffic Signs Graphics

  • All Mile Marker Graphics underwent a makeover/cleaned up

  • Uniform format and size

  • More mile markers on the map have been properly realigned to the roadway.

  • Scenic Lookouts are shaded in Dark Blue polygon

  • More scenic Lookouts have been added to the map

  • Local Landmarks have been shaded in Blue polygon

  • Some local landmarks have been marked using an icon shaded in Blue

  • Road Landmarks have appropriate road sign and photo in the description

  • Closed/Off-Limits Points are shaded in Red polygon

  • Road Landmarks are shaded in Yellow

  • Particularly well-known road and highway junctions

  • Streams/Rivers Lines have been updated/realigned

  • Gulches are shaded in Light Blue Line

  • Place and Roadway Names have been appropriately corrected

  • Also includes district names

We would like to say a big mahalo goes to Ben for his continued hard work he puts to make all the graphics on the map possible and dedication to keeping this map available to the public to access and use. As of 5/1/2021, the map has been viewed over 20,000 times and viewership from all over the world has been logged according to general statistics/demographics reviewed by Ben on Saturday morning, May 1st. We are working on another article covering more the back story of the map and also showing the hard work and also fieldwork he does behind the scenes to ensure the map is well maintained and updated regularly. If you have any requests or changes that need to be done to the map, please email us, and will we forward it to Ben to review. Again this map is updated frequently. To access the online version of the Island of Maui County Mile Marker map, please click here. For the KML/KMZ file for the Google Earth app on Windows and Mac OS, please email us in the email above and we will forward the file over to you the most to date file.

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