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Ka’u Information Update for June 21st, 2020

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

One person is fatally injured and another in serious condition following a single-vehicle collision in the Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE) early Sunday morning (June 21st).

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Holualoa) Team

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with the Hawaii Police Department (HPD) responded to a single-vehicle collision that occurred in the Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE) early Sunday morning (June 21st).

The initial call came in at 4:30 am Sunday morning and HFD crews from the HOVE Fire Station along with HPD officers from the Ka'u Patrol and Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) responded to the scene located at the intersection of Coral Parkway and Ginger Blossom Lane in HOVE, Ka'u.

Upon the arrival of emergency crews, reports came that a vehicle (described as a Chrysler Multi-Purpose Vehicle) had rolled over multiple times and collided into a stone wall near the intersection of Ginger Blossom Lane and Coral Parkway. Two occupants were in the vehicle at the time of the incident and one of the occupants of the vehicle (described as a female in her 40's) was reported to have suffered life-threatening injuries. The other occupant (described as a male in his 40's) had self-extricated and called for help after the collision had occurred and awaited the arrival of emergency crews.

Once the emergency crews arrived at the scene, they found the vehicle rolled over approximately 100 yards in a lava field off the roadway. HFD crews immediately worked to extricate the female victim trapped within the vehicle after extricating the female from the vehicle, HFD Medics immediately began life-saving measures on the female, however, later ceased all life-saving measures and declared the victim DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) at the scene. HFD crews conducted and medical assessment on the male and later transported the male to the Kona Community Hospital in serious condition.

Once the determination was made by HFD Medics, HPD TEU Officers responded to the scene and immediately began an investigation into the cause and circumstances of the collision.

The intersection of the Ginger Blossom Lane and Coral Parkway was temporarily closed while TEU officers conducted their investigation into the collision.

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