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Ka'u Information Update for September 20th, 2020

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) continues efforts to battle a major brush fire that was first reported on Saturday evening (September 19th) and has scorched approximately 1,400 acres near Ka'alu'alu Bay in Ka'u.

Published by: HIRSC - Nevada (Henderson) and Hawaii Island (Holualoa) Team


The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) remains at the scene of a major brush fire approximately 1-mile above Ka'alu'alu Bay in Ka'u that was first reported Saturday evening (September 19th) and has scorched an estimated 1,400 acres.

The initial call came in at 7:52 pm Saturday evening and HFD crews from the Na'alehu, Pahala, Kea'au, Central (Tanker 1), and Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE) Fire Stations along with Battalion 1, Chopper 1, Chopper 2, volunteers from the Discovery Harbor, Na'alehu, Pahala, Ocean View, and Volcano Village Stations, and HPD officers from the Ka'u Patrol responded to the scene/staging area on Lio Lani Road near the bullpen.

Upon the arrival of emergency crews, reports came in from numerous residents, and parties at Ka'alu'alu Bay reported a large brush fire broke out approximately 1-mile above Ka'alu'alu Beach. An orange glow from the Ka'alu'alu Brush Fire was visible from the Ocean View, Discovery Harbor, and Na'alehu areas, which also lead to numerous 911 calls to HFD as well.

Once emergency crews arrived at the staging area, HFD crews had to utilize off-road units to access the fire on existing four-wheel-drive roads. Once HFD crews arrived at the scene, they found the brush fire burning in dry open pasture land approximately one mile above Ka'alu'alu Bay. Dry weather conditions along with variable winds of 11 mph in the area caused the fronts of the fire to move southwest towards South Point Road/South Point Park.

HFD crews continuing to encounter the following challenges with this brush fire:

  • Access to the fronts of the brush fire is very limited and requires the use of multiple off-road HFD units to reach the scene driving on existing four-wheel-drive only roads. A privately contracted arrived at the scene and began cutting breaks around the perimeter of the fire.

  • Both HFD Chopper 1 and 2 are at the scene conducting an aerial survey of the area and begin Bambi (Water) Bucket drop operations to areas inaccessible by HFD personnel.

  • Nighttime conditions/limited lighting in the area during their first arrival made it difficult for HFD crews to make a safe initial fire attack on the fronts of the fire.

  • Water supply in the area is also limited at the scene and HFD Tankers including multiple Type I Engines continuing to shuttling water from a water supply source located near Discovery Harbor to a portable tank set up at the staging area on Lio Lani Road. A county-owned large water trailer was being transported to the scene to help with the water supply.

HPD officers temporarily closed South Point Road at Lio Lani Road as a precaution while HFD crews continued to work in the area. Non-residents including patrons and campers at South Point (Ka Lae), Kaulana Bay, Papakōlea Beach (Green Sand Beach), and Ka'alu'alu Bay have been evacuated to prevent entrapment related to the brush fire.

Some farm and ranch owners including an animal sanctuary near South Point and Ka'alu'alu Bay were moving livestock away from the area as a precaution as the fire continued to progress in the area. HFD crews had rescued a few heads of livestock that were stuck in a paddock in the pasture above Papakōlea Beach and prevented the loss of livestock.

Again, this is an ongoing incident and will provide an update as further information becomes available.

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