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Kailua Village Information Update # 2 for October 6th, 2019

HFD Rescue Crews suspended a search for a missing diver offshore of Hale Halawai Sunday (October 6th).

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with Ocean Safety, US Coast Guard, and the Hawaii Police Department (HPD) have suspended their search for missing diver Sunday afternoon (October 6th).

The initial call came in at 9:53 am and crews from the Kailua Fire Station along with Battalion 2, Jet Ski 2 (West Hawaii Ocean Safety Jet Ski team) and Chopper 1 (from Waiakea Fire Station) responded to the scene located offshore of Hale Halawai in Kailua Village.

Upon the arrival of HFD crews, a bystander onshore reported a seeing a dive buoy floating offshore of Hale Halawai and Waterfront Row. Another person reported buoy spotted offshore may be related to missing person/diver, who was last seen Friday (October 4th).

Once HFD crews arrived on scene and they immediately began a land, air, and water search of the surrounding waters offshore of Hale Halawai and Kailua Bay for the missing diver.

Officials say they have recovered dive gear and other items in the water and on a nearby beach, however, they would not go into further details if the items found earlier belong to the missing person.

US Coast Guard Dolphin Helicopter from Barber's Point on Oahu arrived on scene Sunday morning and conducted a brief aerial survey of the waters along the Kona Coast and have since suspended their search for the missing diver.

HPD is continuing to investigate the missing person's report.

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