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Kalaoa Information Update # 2 for October 10th, 2019

Barricade Incident at a residence in Kalaoa leads to evacuations and road closures on Thursday morning (October 10th).

The Hawaii Police Department (HPD) along with the Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) are on scene of a Barricade Situation at a residence on Ahulani Street in Kalaoa, North Kona.

The initial call came in just after 8:45 am Thursday morning (October 10th) and HPD officers from the Kona Patrol along with HPD's Special Response Team (SRT) and HFD crews from the Kailua and Makalei Fire Stations along with Battalion 2 responded to the scene located at the 73-1100 block of Ahulani Street in Kalaoa.

As a result of this incident, the following advisories and closures are in effect:

  • HPD officers have evacuated residence on Ahulani Street & Ahikawa Street (North Side of Ahikawa Street) between Ho'okumu Street and Kiekie Street as a precaution until the clear is given. Residences within 300 yards from the scene are being evacuated.

  • No Evacuation Shelters are open as a result of this incident and all effected residence are asked to avoid the area until the all-clear is given.

  • Ahulani Street between Ho'okumu Street and Kiekie Street is also closed to all residences and traffic.

  • Ho'okumu Street is also closed due to emergency vehicles blocking the roadway.

It's unknown at this time if the barricade situation stemmed from any incidents earlier in the day. It's believed that the suspect in this barricade situation is considered armed and dangerous.

HPD Negotiators are on scene speaking with the suspect in the residence at this time and working to come to a safe and peaceful resolution/conclusion.

Details are slowly coming in and we will post an update as it becomes available.

Just as a friendly reminder, please refrain from posting pictures, videos, tweets on the location of where first responders are during this situation. This is mainly for the safety and health of our first responders and also victims (or potential victims) at the scene.

- Mahalo HIRSC Team.

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