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Kalaoa Information Update # 3 for October 10th, 2019

57-year-old Kailua-Kona man in custody following a barricade incident at a residence in Kalaoa, North Kona on Thursday morning (October 10th).

The Hawaii Police Department (HPD) along with the Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) responded to a Barricade Incident at a residence on Ahulani Street in Kalaoa, North Kona on Thursday morning (October 10th).

The initial call came in just after 8:45 am Thursday morning (October 10th) and HPD officers from the Kona Patrol along with HPD's Special Response Team (SRT), Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT), and HFD crews from the Kailua and Makalei Fire Stations along with Battalion 2 responded to the scene located at the 73-1100 block of Ahulani Street in Kalaoa.

Prior to the start of the barricade incident, suspect identified as 57-year-old Richard Gorloff of Kailua-Kona had made a threat towards a family member earlier in the day and officers from the Kona Patrol were heading to Gorloff's residence on Ahulani Street to make contact and follow-up with him regarding that incident.

Once HPD officers arrived at the residence and attempted to make contact, Gorloff had refused to exit the residences and told officers that he would blow up the residence, if they came any closer.

During that initial interaction, HPD officers had observed Gorloff to be in possession of a small propane tank and a five-gallon gas container filled with an unknown liquid. The suspect was also observed to be holding a propane torch (unlit) and flint striker to light the torch while communicating with officers. They also noticed a propane odor in the area surrounding his residences.

Shortly after first contact/interaction with Gorloff at his residences, HPD took the following precautionary actions during the incident:

  • Residences within 300 yards from the scene were evacuated. Residences on Ahulani Street and Ahikawa Street (North Side of Ahikawa Street) between Kiekie Street and Ho'okumu Street were evacuated.

  • Ahulani Street between Ho'okumu Street and Kiekie Street was closed to all residences and traffic. And Ho'okumu Street was also closed during the incident as emergency crews/vehicles were operating in the area.

At about 2:45 pm Thursday afternoon, HPD officers reported that Gorloff, who had barricaded himself in his residence hours earlier, had peacefully surrendered and been taken into custody ending a 6-hour long standoff. Shortly thereafter at 2:50 pm, Residences evacuated during the incident were given the all-clear to safely return.

HFD Medics then transported Gorloff to Kona Community Hospital for Medical Evaluation, where he currently remains at this time under police custody.

The investigation into the incident continues and charges are still pending.

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