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Keauhou Information Update for January 23rd, 2021

Male swimmer drowns in waters of Lekeleke Bay (End of the World) in Keauhou, North Kona Saturday afternoon (January 23rd).

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Holualoa) and Nevada (Henderson) Team

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with the Hawaii Police Department (HPD) responded to a report of a swimmer in distress in the waters of Lekeleke Bay in Keauhou, North Kona Saturday afternoon (January 23rd).

The initial call came in at 3:06 pm Saturday afternoon and HFD Crews from the Keauhou and Kailua (Rescue Company 7) Fire Station along with Battalion 2, Chopper 2, and HPD Officers from the Kona Patrol responded to the scene at Lekeleke Bay (or locally known as End of the World).

Upon the arrival of emergency crews, reports came that two swimmers were in distress in the waters of Lekeleke Bay, one swimmer was able to swim back to shore and able to climb up the cliff to safety and await the arrival of emergency crews. The other swimmer (described as a male in his 30s) was reported to be unresponsive and floating facing down in the waters of Lekeleke Bay.

It was later learned that the first swimmer that made it back to shore was attempting to bring the unresponsive male swimmer back to shore to emergency crews, however, rough ocean conditions prevented successful efforts. A High Surf Advisory was in effect at the time of the incident.

Once emergency crews arrived at the scene, two HFD Fire-Rescue Specialist (FRS) deployed into the water and swam to the unresponsive swimmer. Chopper 2 extricated the male swimmer utilizing Billy Pugh net to an awaiting HFD Medic at the landing zone at the parking lot of End of the World. HFD Medics then began life-saving measures, however, later seized all life-saving measures and declared the male patient DOA (Dead-On-Arrival). HFD Medic then transported the male patient to the Kona Community Hospital, where an official pronouncement of death was made.

HPD continues to investigate the incident.

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