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North Kohala Information Update for October 3rd, 2019

Update at 7:00 pm HST, HIRSC Team has received confirmation that both parties involved both incidents in North Kohala earlier this afternoon have died and HPD investigations into both incidents continue.

2 People in critical condition following 2 separate water-related incidents in North Kohala Thursday afternoon (October 3rd).

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with the Hawaii Police Department (HPD) responded to 2 separate water-related incidents that occurred in the North Kohala district on Thursday afternoon (October 3rd).


The first incident came in at 1:12 pm for a report of a near-drowning incident at Mahukona Beach Park in North Kohala. HFD crews from the North Kohala Fire Station responded to the scene.

Prior to the arrival of HFD crews, bystanders had pulled a female victim, described to be in her 60's, who was found unresponsive in the water and brought back to shore where they immediately began life-saving measures until HFD crews arrived on scene and immediately took over life-saving measures.

HFD Medics then transported the female to Kohala Hospital in extremely critical condition, where at this time, her condition remains unknown.


The second incident came in just after 2:12 pm for a report of a swimmer in distress in Polulu Valley. HFD crews from the North Kohala and Kailua Fire Station (Rescue Company 7) along with Battalion 2, Chopper 1 (from Waiakea Fire Station) and Chopper 2 (from the South Kohala Fire Station) responded to the scene.

Upon the arrival of HFD crews, witnesses initially reported a swimmer was in distress in waters offshore of Polulu Valley beach but the swimmer, describe to be a male with his age not disclosed, was able to make it back to shore on his own. Once the male swimmer was back onshore, he later collapsed onshore and became unresponsive. Bystanders on the beach immediately began life-saving measures until HFD crews arrived at Polulu Valley.

Once on scene, HFD crews immediately took over life-saving measures and then extricated the male victim by Chopper 2 to the top of Polulu to an awaiting HFD Medic where they transported the male victim in extremely critical condition to Kohala Hospital, where at this time, his condition remains unknown.

HPD currently conducting an investigation into both incidents.

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