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North Kona Flooding Incidents Blog for June 19th, 2021

Due to the large number of flooding incidents being reported and also field observations, the HIRSC - Weather Team has decided to put all the incidents in post.

(Please watch this link as this will be continuously updated through the duration of the rain event)

Published By: HIRSC - Weather and Hawaii Island (Hōlualoa and Kailua-Kona) Teams

Road Closure # 1:

HPD at the scene of flooding on Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway (Highway 11) between Malulani Drive and Nani Kailua Drive in Kailua-Kona.

HPD has closed all lanes of Highway 11 due to water crossing all lanes in multiple spots. Use Kuakini Highway and Ali'i Drive for travel between Keauhou and Kailua. HDOT en-route to begin clearing the roadway.

3 - HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Kailua-Kona and Hōlualoa) Team members are currently hitting the road to make field observations.


Weather Advisory Update # 1:

A Flood Advisory has been issued for the North Kona District through late Saturday evening (June 19th).

Flooding is causing problems all-throughout the Kailua-Kona area.


Road Closure # 2:

The HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Kailua-Kona and Hōlualoa) Team reports the following observations at this time related to the flooding.

Heavy Runoff is also crossing Hualālai Road (from Wai'aha Stream) about 1/3 mile above Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway (Highway 11) and also ponding at the intersection with Kuakini Highway and Hualālai Road (from Honuaula Gulch).

HPD is aware and will be sending officers to close Hualālai Road and the intersection with Kuakini Highway.

Probably best to stay off the roadways for now until the rain clears. HIRSC - Weather Team - NWS Skywarn Certified Members have reported the observations to NWS.


Home Flooding Report # 1:

HPD received a report of home flooding on Lamaokeola Street in the Hamburger Hill subdivision in Kailua-Kona. Officers en-route to investigate the flooding conditions.

Also, HIRSC Team observed heavy ponding at the south dead-end of Kalawa Street (south of McDonald's Kailua).

All related to the heavy runoff from the Honuaula Gulch just above or running along the area.


Road Closure # 3:

HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Kailua-Kona) Team reports Kuakini Highway just south of Pottery Terrace near the Wyndham Sales Operation Center is flooding at this time. HPD is arriving at the scene to close the roadway.

Heavy Runoff is coming off from the Wai'aha Stream and rocks and boulders are also on the roadway as well.

Also heavy runoff in the area of Hillside Plaza on Kuakini Highway.

Best to just stay off Kuakini Highway and all the roadways in North Kona until further notice.


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