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Oahu Information Update for March 25th, 2019

Update at 8:30 pm HST: Sheriff Department reports Tiffany Ikeda was taken into custody in Waikiki and has been returned to WCCC.

WCCC extended furlough inmate Tiffany Ikeda leaves YWCA Fernhurst residential furlough home unauthorized. If seen, call Sheriffs 586-1352.

Women’s Community Correctional Center (WCCC) extended furlough inmate Tiffany Ikeda was reported missing at about 9:30 p.m. last night from the YWCA Fernhurst work furlough home where she resides. She was not authorized to leave the home. State Sheriffs and Honolulu Police were notified of the unauthorized exit.

Inmates in the extended furlough program live and work outside of the prison facility.

35-year old Ikeda is classified as community custody which is the lowest custody level. She is 5’0” tall and weighs 95 lbs. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

Ikeda is serving time for Forgery, Unauthorized Possession of Confidential Personal Information and Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle. Her next parole hearing is scheduled for July 2019. She now faces an additional escape charge when found.

If you see Ikeda, please call 911 or Sheriff Dispatch at 586-1352.

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