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Pōhakuloa Training Advisory for August 2019

Military Training Advisory for August 26th to 29th, 2019

Next week 26-29 August between 9 AM and 1 PM the US Air Force will be flying C-17 Aircraft ( ) from Oahu and dropping simulated cargo into our "drop zones" in the Keamuku Manuever Area South of Waikii Ranch and parallel to DKI. We have reminded the 15th Wing Group to mind the residents in Waikoloa Village as they approach from the West. The 'expected' drop times are 9:45 AM and 10:30 AM (weather, maintenance, traffic etc. all play a factor). Motorists on DKI may observe the cargo parachute as they transit the saddle region. This is for your awareness.

We have helicopter training (gunnery) on-going at PTA, so residents may see smoke in the training area. PTA Fire Department monitors all significant/persistent smoke signatures and any 'actual' fires reported in the training area. Again, this is for awareness only.

Reminder, Fall Festival 2019 (formerly known as Pumpkin Patch)  is 12 October at the Waimea District Park (Flyer Attached). PTA is planning to have two aircraft (USMC and US Army) on static display and other cool items for residents to observe. See flyer attached. This is always a fun, well attended community event. We look forward to seeing you out there!

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