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Pacific Tropical Cyclone Outlook for September 6th, 2019

2 Tropical Cyclones continue to churn but slowly dissipate in both the Eastern and Central Pacific Basin.

Tropical Depression Akoni, with maximum, sustained winds of 35 mph and moving to the west at 16 mph. Akoni, peaked becoming a tropical storm yesterday afternoon and slowly dissipated overnight. No impacts from Akoni is expected as it continues to pass to the south of the islands. However, stronger trade winds and an increase in showers are still expected this weekend and early next week.

Hurricane Juliette, a category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph moving to the west at 12 mph, is expected to continue to dissipate over the next 5 days and no impacts to the islands are expected.

No watches or warnings are in effect at this time associated with both tropical cyclones.