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Pi'ihonua Information Update for April 7th, 2020

Two Juvenile Males rescued after being caught flash flood conditions in the Wailuku River near KPUA in Pi'ihounua Monday evening (April 6th).

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with the Hawaii Police Department (HPD) responded to a report of two juvenile males caught in a flash flood in Wailuku River near KPUA in Pi'ihonua, South Hilo Monday evening (April 6th).

The initial call came in 5:19 pm Monday evening and HFD crews from the Kaumana, Central, and Waiakea Fire Stations along with Battalion 1, Chopper 1, and HPD officers from the South Hilo Patrol responded to the scene located off of Manaolana Place in Pi'ihonua.

Upon the arrival of emergency crews, bystanders reported to two juvenile males (with ages being 10 and 14-years old) were attempting to cross the Wailuku River near KPUA when they got caught in a flash flood and were swept a short way downstream and were seen clinging onto a rock below KPUA in rough river conditions.

Once emergency crews arrived on scene at KPUA, HFD ground personnel determined it was unsafe for them to make an attempt from river banks and requested the assistance of Chopper 1 to conduct a swift water rescue by air. Chopper 1 arrived on scene and lowered a Fire-Rescue Specialist (FRS) in a Billy Pugh Net upstream of the location of the two juveniles. FRS rescued and extricated the two juveniles using the Billy Pugh Net and both were flown to landing zone located Boiling Pots State Park, where HFD Medics then transported both juveniles to the Hilo Medical Center in stable (Fair) condition.

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