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Piihonua Information Update for May 29th, 2020

Juvenile female seriously injured following a 30-foot jump into Wailuku River at Waiale Falls (Eagles Nest).

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Hilo) Team

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with the Hawaii Police Department (HPD) responded to a report of a juvenile female seriously injured following a jump at Waiale Falls in Pi'ihonua Friday afternoon (May 29th).

The initial call came in at 2:45 pm Friday afternoon and HFD crews from the Kaumana, Haihai, and Waiakea Fire Stations along with Battalion 1, Chopper 1, and HPD officers from the South Hilo Patrol responded to the scene located Eagles Nest (known as Waiale Falls) in Pi'ihonua.

Upon the arrival of emergency crews, reports came in from bystanders came in for a report of a juvenile female (described as being the age of 16) had jumped approximately 20-30 feet into the pond below Waiale Falls and complaint of back and leg injury following the jump/impact into the water. The female did not hit the river bottom and was able to swim out on her own to the river bank where bystanders provided basic medical care until emergency crews arrived at the scene.

Once emergency crews arrived at the scene, HFD personnel hiked into the location of female and took over medical care and prepared the female for transport/extrication by utilizing rescue litter basket lowered below Chopper 1.

HPD temporarily closed Waianuenue Avenue/Pi'ihonua Road while Chopper 1 brought the female to an awaiting HFD Medic.

Once extricated from the area, HFD Medic later transported the juvenile female to the Hilo Medical Center in serious condition for further medical treatment.

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