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Pohakuloa Training and Convoy Notice for August 2020

Pōhakuloa Training and Convoy Information for August 2020

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Hilo) Team

Training for the month of August will involve several hundred Soldiers and Marines on base, and training includes rifle marksmanship, helicopter gunnery, artillery and mortar gunnery, and aviation training. As a reminder, all training in August is previously scheduled training by local units and is not RIMPAC associated.

Residents of Hawaii Island can expect to see or hear military aircraft supporting this

training including Army helicopters, and Marine tilt-rotor aircraft (MV-22) commonly

known as Osprey.

Current military convoys from Kawaihae to PTA are scheduled on 31 July between

8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Convoy leaders are reminded to be on the lookout for several

motorists trailing behind the convoy and to pull over to a safe location in order to allow

residents to pass safely.

On behalf of Lt. Colonel. JR Borce, Commander of Pohakuloa Training Area, and the entire staff here thank you, for your continued support and understanding.

For more information or questions, call PTA Public Affairs at 808-824-1474.

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